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Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday!

Good morning!  I had a great week, spending time with my 8 year old grand, Brooklynne.  I taught her to sew, we went thrifting, fishing, and did some crafts.  This is one of the crafts that we worked on:

These cute little ornies (inspired from Pinterest) are great for kids.  They are made from shower curtain rings.  I got mine at Dollar Tree (12 for $1).  Here is what you do:
  Snap the rings closed.  Use a scrap piece of fabric, ribbon, jute, etc and wrap around the ring snugly.  Secure at the beginning and end with glue.  I used hot glue, but if little ones are helping, you can use tacky glue, you just have to give it time to dry.  Add a ribbon for hanging and decorate with greenery, flowers, buttons, bells, or whatever you like.  You can see that I used different fabric, trims, etc. so get creative.  I let Brooklynne pick out the fabric and trims and wind the fabric on the ring once the hot glue had dried.  I think they turned out so cute!

Well, back at it, my friends.  Working on spoon ornies, wood craft, and dolls.  Have a great creative week!

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