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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What 'cha Working on Wednesday?????

Monday was kind of a bust for me.  I spent the day with the DMV getting my van licensed and then drove to pick up miscellaneous items.  So I didn't get much done in the studio.  But yesterday I killed it....and even managed to get some laundry done!

One of my hubby's co-workers just welcomed a new baby girl.  So in addition to shopping for the little one, I also made some of these really cute items from Sunflower Friends:

They have a cute little rhyme and the graphics easily fit in a 4 x 6 bag.  Just put in a pair of baby socks and staple on the topper.  I am sure that these will be great sellers at my shows this year.  They come in blue, pink, green, and purple.

A couple of weeks ago I went in Dollar Tree.  I love that store!  I just get so many ideas!  This is a craft that I have been doing for a few years:
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.....Just spray your $1 muffin tin with the color of your choice.  I use my favorite rusty primer.  Spray both sides.  I put a piece of jute through the hole and hang it from the clothesline.  Once it is dry, coat with a clearcoat spray.  When that is dry, just paint on the faces.  I used Light Buttermilk.  Change them up a little so they are all a bit different.  I splattered with some light buttermilk paint to replicate snow and gave it another shot of clear coat.  Attach a ribbon and you are good to go.  These look so cute in the kitchen over the holidays.  Make sure you wrap them when storing so they will not scratch.

Also at the dollar store, I found a box of seven emergency candles.  They are really short, maybe 3 or 4 inches long.  I found a free Santa graphic online and shrunk it to fit a small label.  I cut it with a paper pinker and used a glue stick to attach to a piece of brown paper.

I wrapped the paper around three candles, secured with some light twine(also purchased at Dollar Tree) and hot glued on a rusty star.  You could use a bell, or leave it plain.  You could also use a patterned paper, like gift wrap or scrapbooking paper.  I think they are so cute!  And so cheap!  These are going to be a great seller at my shows!

So I am off to get busy.  I sold a couple of dolls on Etsy and I have to get them ready to ship.  Did you know that I include birth certificates and adoption papers with all my dolls?  Check them out at my Etsy shop and take advantage of my sale.  Have a great day, my friends!  Happy crafting!

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