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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Raggedy and Snowman

Still a busy bee, I have finished up a bunch of melted snowmen.....
They are already packaged and in a box.  I also finished another snowman from the Seymore pattern, but I varied his hat a bit:
I love him!

And a new raggedy.  This is from my own pattern, and at some time in the future, I will get the pattern finished and put in my Etsy store.

This new raggedy is approximately 18 inches tall, with bright red hair, painted on Mary Janes, and a red and white striped bow in her hair.  She wears white eyelet loons and her cotton dress is a print of cherries on black and white check with a ruffled trim of red and white stripe.  She has an old metal measuring cup full of cherries in her hands and wears her name "Cherry" on a distressed tag.

In addition, I made up some fruit jam yesterday.  My hubby brought home some crab apples, and I added cherries and some other frozen fruit and made jam.   MMMMMMMM-MM
 And I dug up some of my potatoes.....
Well, back at it my friends.......

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  1. Hope you are doing well and just too busy to post. I miss your updates.


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