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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Busy season

Fall is the busiest time of year for me.  I have booked a dozen shows, and have started showing my products in a local shop.  I know that I have been negligent in posting, and thanks to the follower who voiced her concern for me.....

September I did two shows.  They were good shows, but fall is never as busy as the holiday ones.  One show was a last minute thing where the promoter had a cancellation.  I was happy to do it but at the same time, it entailed remarking my inventory and packing my van.  My niece also got married in September.  It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt honored to be invited.

October 4 is my daughter Brandi's birthday.  We lost her December 10, 2009 to cancer.  For a few years, it was unbearable for me when that date came around.  My daughter Heidi and I now celebrate her birthday each year by writing birthday letters and sending them via balloons to Heaven. We were lucky enough to have the two grands with us this year.  We went to the park, released balloons, and threw sunflowers (Brandi's favorite flower) into the lake.  We ate at Brandi's favorite restaurant and told funny stories about her.  It was a wonderful day.

After lunch, Addyson my three year old granddaughter came home with me and spent the week.  She is such a joy!  We had a great time thrifting, playing Barbies and doing crafts.  The next weekend, we met her parents and siblings at a punkin patch for her third birthday celebration.
The following week I had a five day show at Wings over the Rockies museum.  I set up on Tuesday and the show went from Wednesday thru Sunday.  It was my highest sales ever!  But.....need more inventory!

In addition, I have moved my booth at a Borgata the local shop that features antiques and artisan items.  I also drove to Cheyenne Monday to set up for a 10 day show, Christmas in the Country.    My inventory is getting so low.  I have made several of these ornament wreaths:
These have been a great seller for me this year.

And the covered candy canes have already sold out.  I bought twenty more to work on for my next show.

Other "best sellers" have been my large pumpkins, all my snowmen, and any ornaments. Well, my friends, I am back to the studio for more creativity!  I vow to be better at posting......

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  1. Glad your shows and crafting is going well. My daughter and I do craft shows too and done very well this year. I work full time and it is all I can do to replenish my stock. -ck


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