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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Crafter Confessional

My shows are finished and other that a small booth in a local artisan's market, a Borgata, I have no sewing, gluing, stocking, set ups and tear downs to do.  I am happy to say that this was my most successful season yet.  I learned alot, made new friends and witnessed delight in the faces of some of my customers.  My inventory and energy are depleted and now I can get down to the task at hand:  Christmas.

But, alas, I must confess......I am a hoarder.  I collect broken doo dads, worn shirts, rusty nails, and off season floral.  But that's not the worst of it......yes, I confess, I collect fabric.  I have had this obsession for as long as I can remember but when my kids were young and still at home, household space was at a premium.  As the kids grew and moved out, my stash grew and moved in.  Today with shows done and the tree up, I decided to attempt fabric organization.  I may have taken too big a bite........

I took this out of the closet:
And this:

        This is piled on the treadmill:

         And near my sewing machine:

    And full bolts of fabric tucked into hiding places:
This is not counting the four drawer cabinet full of scraps and the bolt of fabric that is MIA but I know I will find sooner.......or most likely later...........

So I am off to organize and clean, and perhaps a bit of purging.  Gotta get busy so I can start on my Spring Crafts!

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  1. you sound like me. One show to go (today) to sell the very last of my inventory!


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