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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday?????

Good morning, my bloggie peeps!  Finally getting the hang of 2015, and trying to decide what to make for my booth at a Borgata, our local artisan shop.  I made some really cute bookmarks from graphics that I purchased from  I have a laminator, so I printed, laminated, and put ribbons in a couple of dozen of them.  Visit the site and see all of the cute things for really good prices!  I also put some of my Granddaughter's hand made cards in the booth.  I'll get some pictures next visit.

I wanted to show you some of the cute little bunny clothespins that I made.  I made a bunch of clothespin snowmen the last couple of years and sold out.  They are great for package tie-ons, ornies, or card holders.  So I thought, "Could I do something for Spring?"  Enter, tah dah:  Bunnies

If you want your own bowlful of bunnies, they are so easy, peezy, lemon squeezy!  Simply paint your clothespins white.  I actually painted these with acrylic craft paint, but you could use white spray paint.  I usually spray the pins, but the weather has been so yucky, that I wanted to stay indoors.  I used markers for the rest.  Just draw on the faces.  You can probably make them cuter than mine.  I hot glued a bow on for a little texture and pizzazz.  So sweet!  These will be great in a basket, or to attach an Easter note to your co-workers' desk.  Maybe put them on a pack of bunny poop......I will post these at a later date......or maybe a peep in a plastic bag.

Just a word about the pins.  You can get them at Dollar Tree, but some are a bit rough to paint on.  Look for them in Walmart or the hardware store.  For once, it may be worth the extra expense for the quality.

I'm off to conjure up love items today.  Working on a few Valentines Day projects!  I'll keep you posted!

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