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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday???

Wednesday, again.  What a busy week it has been!  Made some little Valentine hearts for a Borgata and took them up to the shop on Thursday.
These are just little somethings, all different, that I am displaying in my booth by hanging on a white Christmas tree.  I think they are cute, and perfect for a friend, co-worker, significant other.  I also had lunch with some peeps, and my friend Dawn gifted me with this cute puppy and potholders, perfect for my Hoosier.  (There were also a cute gift bag and basket that her mother perfectly weaves!)
The puppy, (Westie shaped!) is perfect!  I love it!
On Saturday, I went along with my sister, niece, and grand-niece, to Denver's first ever Vintage Whites sale.  It is an antique show and sale that also travels to other cities.  Let me just say.....what a madhouse!  It was packed to the rafters.  I made a few purchases.....
This little tea cart is a bit rickety, but with a little bracing, I think it will be perfect as a display at my shows.  And for ten bucks.....woo hoo!  I think I got a bargain.
Then there was the little yellow step stool.
Hate the color but I can fix that.  Very sturdy, foldable, a great display piece and a bargain for $20!
But I think my best find of all was this old ironing board.  
Smoky likes it!  Originally marked, $49.99, I got it for $20.  I have another board that I have in my stand and although it is older, the condition of this is amazing.
So......getting back to what I am working on.....well in addition to the hearts, I finished up a couple of pillows.  And, no joke, I am making rag garlands and candy canes.  Yes, candy canes.  I had a special order for a rag garland in my Etsy shop.  I finished it and sent it off post haste, since the buyer wanted to display for Valentines day.  But here is the story on the rest.....
When I sew, I keep everything.  If the fabric left is more than a few inches, I cut it into rectangles and use it in making my pillows.  If the fabric is less, I cut it into strips.  I use these for my rag garlands and candy canes.
I buy these little plastic candy canes at the dollar store and simply wrap them with strips of fabric.  I sold a boat load of these at my shows.  So I purchased quite a few before Christmas and I wrap them as I have available fabric.....and that is now.......

 I sort the fabric by color or theme and then make garlands by tie-ing them to 20 light strands.  I have sorted a blue group, one with red, black and white, one for fall with warm colors, Christmas, and Halloween.
I also have some pastels, but not enough to do anything with them.  Right now, I have too many scraps so I need to get these made up.  
Oh, yeah, and the scraps too short or small to use in candy canes or garland, I put in a bag and use to stuff pumpkins, pillows, and dolls.  Waste not, want not!

Well, my friends, I am off to fix some lunch and start working on some garlands.  A woman's work is never done.......

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