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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What 'cha Working on THIS Wednesday?????

I seem to be making a habit of this Wednesday posting stuff, huh?  Last week, I finished up some items and this week I am starting on new ones.  

Friday was errand day, so I took some things to aBorgata:
 My little tree is full of hearts....some were actually sold already!
 A sweet little Annie wants to go home with you!
 My granddaughter, Skylar makes these cards.
 Paper Heart Garland
Annie with her Kitty far as what I have been working on.....see, being the compulsive fabric and craft shopper that I am, I have bought a BUNCH of clearance Christmas items to sell in my shows for next fall.  I bought a bunch of bulbs to use in my ornament wreaths.  I decided rather than store all of it for 9 months, I might as well make it up and store it as finished product.
I sold out of these last year, so though they are a pain to store, I figured I might as well make them up while I have the ornies.
I also bought some wood snowmen blanks at 80% off, so I painted them.  I love the way they turned out:
And finally, my daughter gave me six of these pillows.  They needed some repair and embellishment, but they turned out so cute.....and the price was right:  FREE!!!!
All right, its off to work on some more projects.  Tomorrow afternoon I have a colonoscopy scheduled, so I am in the prep stage, fun.  Best to stay busy......can't eat!!!

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