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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is not my birthday, but this is truly my birthday week.  My daughter, Brandi, used to celebrate the week of my birthday every year.  She would bring a diet coke to work, leave me a sweet message on my phone, send me cards, or simply call and tell me she loves me.  I miss her so much!  But now, I treat myself to some sweet little indulgences.  On Saturday, hubby bought me a new camera.  So now if my pictures are horrible, you can blame the photographer, not the camera!

I have been pushing myself for some spring items.  Its hard, since we have a foot of snow on the ground.  I made this oh, so sweet, rag wreath:

These are so easy, and if you sew alot like I do, this is perfect for you.  I had purchased a Christmas wreath last year, primarily for the pine on it.  I cut all the pine from it to use on my wrapped candy canes.  I kept the metal form and simply tied these scraps of fabric on it.  The fabric is cut about 8 inches in length and an inch or so in width.  I cut all my small scraps into rag strips for use in wreaths and garlands.....which brings me to my second project:

These are the same fabrics that I used on the wreath and are simply tied to a 20 strand of lights.

I also finished a couple of dolls:

And five pillows!  Here are a couple of them:

I also made some "Don't snicker" Easter bars, some textured tea lites, and some peat pots.  I have several bunnies in process.  So, I guess they won't be finishing themselves.  Better get busy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What 'cha workin' on THIS Wednesday???

I have been a busy little girl this last week or two.  I made two dolls and have another two in process.  Sorry, I didn't take any pics, just took them straight to a Borgata.  Still working on the little spring peat pots, 10 more in the works.  Also found these little tins with handles in Hobby Lobby.  They remind me of the little Choo-choo bags, (mini train cases) that I had as a girl.  These were marked down to $3.99 ea.  I had my 15 year old granddaughter, Skylar, with me and said, "What could I do with these?"  Without hesitation, she said, "Snowmen."  Duh......They are so easy and turned out so cute.....I wish I had bought more!
I also finished up another ornie wreath.....
And I made another centerpiece:
This little centerpiece is made from a wicker sleigh that I picked up in a thrift store.  I put floral foam in the bottom and put in the greenery.  Most of the greenery came from my friend Dawn who gave me a huge, generous bag of assorted floral.  I made the snowman from one of the foam ornies that I got at Walmart after Christmas for four cents each.  I used a plate to cut a circle from some white fleece, glued on eyes, nose, hat and scarf and stuck a wooden dowel in to secure.  Add a tag, a bow, and some mini lights and you have a great centerpiece.  

Well, I am off to finish up some Spring items.  I have committed to doing two shows and have next to nothing for off to get busy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

If you know me, you know I am all about being thrifty.  I shop thrift stores, use coupons, and go to the dollar store.  Part of the fun of going to dollar stores is seeing the possibilities in putting the cheap items to use into something phenomenal.  So, while I was in the Dollar Tree last week, I saw these little peat know the kind you start seedlings in?  I bought a package of 12 for $1.  I also found some little mushroom birds in the floral department, 2/$1.  I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest, but mine are smaller, cheaper, and oh, so cute!
Wanna know how to make this?  Its easy, peasy, lemon squeezy to make.  First with your dollar store peat pots, punch two holes for the handle.  I just used an awl, but you can make yours however you like.  Just be careful not to tear it.  Paint.  I used some lavender acrylic craft paint and added a little water to it.  I like it thin, so the pot shows through.  Let it dry.  While its drying, cut up some foam blocks to fit into it.  I used the foam blocks from Dollar Tree.  They come in about four pieces in each block and then I used a plastic ruler to cut it to size.  You want it small enough to fit into the top of the pot.  When dry, put a little glue around the upper edge of the pot and dip it into some glitter.  Again let dry.  While this is drying, assemble the rest of your parts.  The bow is from a piece of organza ribbon.  I simply wrap it around my hand, tie in the middle and spread out the bows.  I had little bits of floral and some moss,  the bird from dollar tree, and a glittery chenille stem that matches the color of the silver glitter that I used.  The paper, simply a piece of scrapbook paper that I stamped and cut and curled.  Then assemble.  I put the handle on first, one stem makes two handles, next the moss.  I used a bit of hot glue to adhere.  The bird has a wire to stick through the foam and just added a bit of floral bits and pieces.  Hot glue on the label.  Voila!  Piece of cake, huh?

And just so you don't think I have forgotten about my resolve to rid myself of unfinished Christmas stash, I made 32 of the ping pong snowman ornies and three snowman blanks.
I decided since these were just those cheaper wooden blanks, that I would give them a bit mor character by adding dimension.  I had the noses in my stash so I just cut off the end and  glued them on.  I used ribbon and floral pieces on the hats, buttons on the tummies, and a fabric scrap scarf.  Pretty cute, huh?

So today, my pups are at the groomers so its just me and the cat to get to work on some dolls.  
Smoky is not a great motivator.....sometimes I wish I could just curl up in a box somewhere.....
But he is great company!

So on to the work at hand, my peeps.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Monday!

Last week was one of those where I just didn't seem to get too much accomplished.  I did work on a few Christmas items, using up more of that sale merchandise.  I got these two little woven snowmen hats at Michaels, had some lights and picks, and drum roll please.......

They look really cute lit up but they don't photograph too well.  I also made a couple more of the ornie wreaths.  I know that the pink/purple one isn't my style....maybe not yours either, but someone will love it.....maybe for their daughters bedroom door???

Well, my friends, I've got some bill paying to do and then I think I will go paint some snowmen......a crafter's work is never done.....