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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is not my birthday, but this is truly my birthday week.  My daughter, Brandi, used to celebrate the week of my birthday every year.  She would bring a diet coke to work, leave me a sweet message on my phone, send me cards, or simply call and tell me she loves me.  I miss her so much!  But now, I treat myself to some sweet little indulgences.  On Saturday, hubby bought me a new camera.  So now if my pictures are horrible, you can blame the photographer, not the camera!

I have been pushing myself for some spring items.  Its hard, since we have a foot of snow on the ground.  I made this oh, so sweet, rag wreath:

These are so easy, and if you sew alot like I do, this is perfect for you.  I had purchased a Christmas wreath last year, primarily for the pine on it.  I cut all the pine from it to use on my wrapped candy canes.  I kept the metal form and simply tied these scraps of fabric on it.  The fabric is cut about 8 inches in length and an inch or so in width.  I cut all my small scraps into rag strips for use in wreaths and garlands.....which brings me to my second project:

These are the same fabrics that I used on the wreath and are simply tied to a 20 strand of lights.

I also finished a couple of dolls:

And five pillows!  Here are a couple of them:

I also made some "Don't snicker" Easter bars, some textured tea lites, and some peat pots.  I have several bunnies in process.  So, I guess they won't be finishing themselves.  Better get busy!

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