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Monday, April 20, 2015

Where has the time gone?

I really can't believe how quickly the time flies.  The older I get, the more precious time is to me.  I completed my two spring shows and had great success.  The good news is that I sold out of most spring items.  The bad news is that I sold out of most items.  So, with no more shows until the fall, I am putting my energy into fall and Christmas items, designing patterns, and a few other projects.

I am, I have admitted in the past, a craft hoarder.  So when my co-crafter, Jean said she had some items for sale, I agreed to buy, sight unseen.  Wow!  For $100, I purchased an entire car load of items.  Hundreds of ornaments, plant pokes, yard stakes and craft supplies.  I have given some of the items away, packed some away, and have been working on others.  There were these duck and geese ornies that I simply embellished:
 There are 48 of these galvanized jar lids.  They have a small hole in the top.  I have a collection of assorted drawer pulls and lace, so I did a couple of these jars.  Other ideas?????
 There were only two of these little rusty mailboxes.....
 Some log cabin magnets......
 Several rusty buckets/pitchers.  I painted on this one.....any other ideas?
 A few rusty watering cans.....
And so much more!  From my own hoard, I made these little paper mache boxes.  They were on sale for fifty cents so I got about a dozen of them.....
 I bought four of these wooden trees for around $4 each at an after Christmas sales.  This isn't a great pic, but they really are cute.  They are about 30 inches tall and have 35 lights.
Its hard to tell, but there is a rusty wire and bell garland wrapped around the tree.
I've also been working on some books.....recipe,,,,address,,,,,web passwords.....prayer books.....with graphics from Sunflower Friends.

I also spent a week with my 3 year old granddaughter, Addyson.  What a great time we had!  Well, it is still snowing here in the Rockies.  I am so ready for Summer.....

Off to the studio......My hoard beckons!

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  1. So great that you sold so much! Have fun crafting for fall/winter. Looks like you got some good items from your friend. $100 for a carload sounds like a steal!


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