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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Before and After

Don't you just love those before and after shots in home makeover magazines or weight loss articles?  I know I do.  Well, I have a couple of before and after shots to show you, but be aware, I have not remodeled my studio or lost 50 pounds.  But I do have a few re-purposing makeovers:
Remember this guy?
I paid $1 at a garage sale.  Here it is with its 3 Peas in a Pod makeover:
I bought this rusty bird cage at Hobby Lobby for $7,  Before:
This project was so much fun.  I purchased a bunch of electric candles at garage sales for $.50 each.  I covered the white plastic part with ModPodge, then rolled it in a mixture of coffee grounds and cinnamon.  I had to mess with this for quite a while to ensure total coverage.  When it was dry, I painted the base black and added one of my hand dipped silicone bulbs.  The snowmen were simply styrofoam ornaments that I purchased last year at Walmart for four cents each.  I covered them with some off-white fleece, added noses, button eyes and scarves.  I glued in the floral from my stash on hand.  I contemplated a bow, but thought it was better left alone.  What do you think?

In addition to these projects, I finished three of the Wendy Witch dolls:
 Another ornie wreath
 And this ornament made from miniature cake pans.  I'm sure these have a specific use, but I think they look like big-nosed snowmen:

Also, on a personal note, this week was hubby's birthday
 My granddaughter Skylar and I attended Cirque du Soleil, Kurios.  It was a great show!
And Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on Saturday.......weren't we cute??
And we purchased a new mattress set so I tore apart the old one so I could recycle the springs:

I know this isn't a great picture, but did you know that a queen sized mattress has over 400 springs?  I have some serious rusting to do!

Well, my friends, I am off to clean up my messes, make dinner and water my garden.  Hope all is well in your world!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Good Ole Summertime

Yes, my bloggie friends, Summer is here in full swing up her in the Rocky Mountains.  But that doesn't stop me from working on Christmas products!  I have had a busy couple of weeks.  My granddaughter, Brooklynne spent a week with me and we had so much fun!  Besides crafting with me, we went hiking, thrifting, out to local restaurants, went to the Wildlife Experience and saw a movie.  It was a fun time.  Brooklynne is learning to sew and we made a couple of outfits for her American Girl doll, Emily.
She said to make sure that I tell everyone that she just got out of the shower but I assured her that she looked beautiful anyway.

Then I was without internet for eight days.  OMG!  I could not believe how much time I spend on the web.  I read two books and got a load of work done in the studio.  Remember those pot lids I bought at a garage sale?

  They turned out so cute!  I think I got them for fifty cents or maybe even less.  They are all metal except for the handle.  I removed the handles  and painted them.  It took several coats.  I spray painted the fronts, free handed the faces and glued on some wool scarves.  And, is my secret for hanging them:  Hot glue a soda can tab on the back.  Works so well!

I also made three of my crescent Santas, my best seller:
 Another ornie wreath:
 I bought a box of new red icicles at a garage sale and decided to put five in a package and sell at one of my shows that sells commercial items.  I had the little penguin bags, filled with white shred, and made a topper.
More bobbleheads

 Paper Mache top hats.  I bought these after Christmas at Michaels.  I simply paint and decorate.  I finished three and have four more blanks to do.
 I had bought these wreaths (2) and decided to put my snowmen heads on them.  They turned out cute.
Well, today is hubby's birthday.  We celebrated on Sunday with the family.  Tonight I am going to Cirque d Solei with my granddaughter, Skylar.  Saturday is my wedding anniversary.  Forty five years.....and I am only 39!  lol  Maybe things will move a bit more slowly in July?  Nah.....I wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

I love Summer!  I know, it is just beginning but I love it.  I am gardening and I just love watching things grow.  And it is so nice not to have to don coats and snow boots to go outside.

Yesterday was my daughter Heidi's birthday.  I drove up to Cheyenne, Wy to spend some time with her and her family.  I took my granddaughter, Brooklynne shopping and we bought gifts and decorations for the house.  We went to dinner and had birthday cheesecake for dessert.  On Saturday morning we went to Brooklynne's soccer game and then to some garage sales.

The game was early (8AM) so it was a bit cold but was so much fun to watch.
And I made quite the haul at garage sales......only spending $21 for all this!
 All of these ornies were in the original packaging but it was way too bulky so I removed it.  I will use these for my ornie wreaths.  What a deal!
 I bought three of these pot lids to make Snowmen faces.  Do you see it????
 White flannel....about 7 yards......perfect for my melted Frosties....
 I am going to paint this bad boy.......hopefully, I will be showing off the finished product SOON!
Love the crate for displays, near new snowmen to refurbish, sewing supplies.....
So.....I had better get busy, huh?  Have a great week, y'all......