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Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!

So the start of February heralds about a foot of snow here.....and counting.  So it is a great time to stay busy and warm indoors.  In the studio, I have been busy finishing up a bunch of projects that did not get completed in time for last years shows, working on new materials that I purchased during the after Christmas sales, and trying to clean up a bursting studio.
I found some wooden blanks of angel ornies at one  of the craft stores for pennies.  They were easy to paint and I think they turned out so cute!
This tree was also an item I picked up at 90% off.  I simply painted and glued on some red buttons from my stash.

 I had purchased these snowflakes at the Dollar Store sometime before the holidays.  I had these little "faces" in my stash.  I simply painted the wood white, glued to the center of the snowflake and
Voila!  What do you think?  I still have to get them sprayed, so I may add a touch of glitter when I do.

 These are ceramic blanks that I picked up as well.  They have to be sprayed with sealer and need a ribbon added and I will be done......I put off the spraying until the weather clears......

In addition to painting, I also canned some pineapple that was on sale at the grocers for $.99 each.  I bought 10 and now can add it to my canned goods you see a pattern here???
And since we are on the subject....stash = hoarding......I also visited a great thrift store.  This is really a danger for me......just kidding.  It is a blast to go there and check out the merchandise.  This weeks finds included a Liz Claiborne jacket ($2), a Dooney and Bourke handbag ($5)
a turntable for my hoard of brushes, pens, daubers, markers, etc, etc ($5)

 These two adorable little snowmen were only $2 each!
 I got a huge ceramic bowl, a Christmas platter, a child's porcelain tea set, some Halloween decorations, a snowman tray to make in to a centerpiece.  I did not pay more than $3 for any of it!
 And these little bunnies are in great shape for $2-3 each!
I feel like I scored!  I cannot wait to go back!  On Saturday, I attended a writing conference with my granddaughter.  It was great fun!  And who says you can't teach an old dog.......

So I am back at it, my friends.  Maybe I should do a bit of laundry or housework......Nah!

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