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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What 'Cha Workin' on Wednesday??

Well, here it is, Wednesday again and I am still working on Holiday stuff.  This week, I completed a few more fun projects.  In addition to last week's crackled angel, I finished up two more:
These candlesticks are smaller and had small bases.  I screwed on some wood bases before finishing them so they wouldn't get top heavy.  I had these wooden wings in my stash, so once they were painted, I put some ModPodge on them and loaded them up with glitter.  I like the contrast of the rustic crackle with the glitter.  The heads are round wooden balls, simply painted, eyes were dotted and blush applied.  I added a snippet of lace trim for a collar.  The haloes are a bit over the top, but in lieu of hair, I really like them.  They are a couple of small candle rings that I bought at the thrift store on one of my many trips.

I also have been raggin' it.  I made a fall wreath and garland.

As I have told you many times before, this is a great way to use up some of those scraps.  And it is one of the simplest of all crafts.  I like to work on these while I am watching television in the evening. (keeps my hands out of the cheetos, too)  The garland is simply a strand of 20 mini lights.  I buy these up during the holidays at Dollar Tree.  The wreath is actually a ring off of a busted tomato cage.  Then you simply tie on the rags.  I try to keep the strips between 1/2-1 inch wide by about 7 inches long.  If the strips are a bit shorter or longer, no worries.  You can trim off the long ones and the short ones just give it some depth.  When I am collecting my scraps, I use gallon bags.  I divide into three bags:  pastels (for spring wreaths and garlands) warm colors like golds, greens, browns for fall applications, and of course reds, greens, whites for holidays.  When my bag is bursting, I tie some garlands!  I sell these out every year at $12.99 each.  And actually, I have only $1 in the garlands.  It does take some time, but what else would I be doing????

I kind of got off course with my crackle items, huh?  I actually did find some wooden salt and pepper shakers at the thrift store that I made into snowmen.
After these were crackled, all I really did was add the face and scarf and glue on the noses.

A couple of years ago, my sis gave me this basket.  She had purchased it with some pips in it but they were all damaged.  I had plenty so I removed the old, added the new along with some stars and moss and Voila!  A great piece for your table, mantle, or night stand!
Well, my peeps, enough for me today.  This is my birthday week so I will have the whole clan over here this weekend.  Love seeing the grand-babies!  Have a great week!

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