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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

Seems to be a pattern lately that I only post on Wednesdays.  But I did want to show you a few things that I have been working on:

I finally finished up the wooden snowmen that have been in process for quite a while.  These are made from blanks that I purchased from JoAnn's after Christmas.  They are two feet tall and the problem was that there was no way to make them stand and I thought they were too big for a wall hanging.  Hubs helped me attach some 2 x 6 scraps and they stand perfectly now.
 I only added the second pic because I just want everyone to understand how tough photography is in this house.  Either the cat or one of the dogs has to get involved.
I also purchased these wooden stars at the same sale.  These I crackled with a barn red under the light buttermilk.  The burlap ribbon was something that I found at the dollar store.  It is wired so is perfect for these stars.
 This is a little pumpkin that I painted.  When I finished it, it would not stand.  Here is my trick:  I squirted just a little hot glue on the front piece that was just a bit shorted than the back.  Once dry, it gives it just enough stability.
 I bought this wooden horse at the thrift store.  I simply added a floral foam block and the greenery.  Put on a ribbon and he is all set for your holiday table or sideboard.  I love this guy!

 I also got this pumpkin at the same store.  I added moss, leaves, and a pretty fall ribbon and it is perfect.
 Yesterday I had lunch with my good friend, Dawn.  She gave me the best birthday gift:
The jars are full of goodies for crafting.  I just love it!

Well, I am off to photograph some listings for my Etsy shop. Hopefully, I will get them listed tomorrow.  I have several dolls and some craft supplies.  You can check out my listings tomorrow.

Does anyone have experience with PatternMart?  I am considering placing my patterns on their site.  Let me know if you have any input.  Happy crafting!


  1. Great finishes!! I love those snowmen. I also love your birthday gift, how thoughtful! Happy birthday!

  2. I stopped by your Etsy shop and love the rag dolls! Especially the ones with simple features and no mouth. They are so cute! I hope you sell tons!!

  3. I love those little dolls too! They are just the perfect size! They have been a big hit at my shows. Thanks for stopping by!


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