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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What 'cha Workin' on THIS Wednesday???

Well, guess I have been a bit busy lately so I did not get around to blogging last week......darn resolution broken again......but here is what I've been workin' on:  On Saturday, the 27th, the kids were here for my bday.  Hubs bought pizza and cake and we ate off of paper plates....thus no dishes for me!  It was great seeing my kids, their better halves and all four grandkids.  On Sunday we took the pups and the UTV and went for a long ride in the national forest.....note to self:  bring along a shovel for next time.  We got stuck in a snow drift for over an hour!  But it was still fun!

Last week I spent one day with my sis who took me out for birthday lunch and a day of shopping.  Always fun!  The rest of the week I worked on getting ready for my show this weekend.  I set up on Thursday and spent Friday and Saturday at the show.  On Thursday, I visited my friend who is moving to Arizona and is getting rid of her craft hoard.  I was only too eager to assist with that.  I bought a bunch of supplies, everything from wooden balls to potpourri.  One item I purchased was some rusty candle holders.  This is one of the glass containers I bought along with the rose hips and potpourri.
So I added the potpourri and a grungy candle, and Voila!

 I also painted this really sweet Witch's hat.  It is from some of the unfinished wood that I purchased after Halloween and did not get around to painting.
 For the rest of the week, I have been organizing and making room for my purchases.  There were about 30 assorted pins that I had to make a card to display on and then pin backs had to be glued on.  There were assorted ornies that needed to either have hangers or embellishments added.  I am still working on inventory to start the year.  After show season is over, I always inventory and inspect what I have left over from last year.  With all of the shows that I do, sometimes things have to be repaired.  Here is a little trick:
This pair is cut from 2 x 4s and for some reason did not sell.  It got scarred up a bit and some of the embellishments got bent or knocked off.  I glued the stars back on and to hide the scratches, I use old English Scratch Cover.  This stuff is great!  I use it on all my scratches or scuffs.  You can get it in any grocery or hardware store and a bottle lasts forever!  My other tip is to keep a black sharpie around for edges of painted wood that get scarred up.  Its quick and easy.  And it also works well for small repairs on black painted items.   

Well, that's about all for today!  I had better get busy finishing up my laundry and cleaning up my painting mess!

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