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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What 'Cha Workin' on Wednesday???

I've been busy workin' on some more of my thrift store finds.....I bought a bag of metal cookie cutters for $4.

I saw this thing on Pinterest on how to make these into the cutest ornaments, using hot glue and scrapbook paper.  Well, no photos just take my word for was a great big FAIL for me.  Maybe I am just not skilled with paper, paper cutting, etc., so I decided to use glitter and ribbon and here is the result:
 I always have a small kitchen tree and I think these will look really cute there.

I also bought this bag of corks for $2.95 at the thrift store.  I had some little one inch wooden knobs so I painted them flesh and and screwed in a metal eye on top.

 I glued on some moss hair, dotted some eyes with sharpie and added ribbon wings and a halo.

 I didn't have enough of the balls for all of the corks, so next time I am at the craft store I will pick up more.

 I bought this little wooden "purse" at the thrift store as well.  It was unpainted and had a bamboo type handle.  The little purse became another snowman and I covered the handle with some homespun and accented with some floral.

This sleigh was another thrift store find.  I think it was only $5 and came complete with the lights.  I tore out all of the plastic floral and added my own, along with some bells and pine cones.

Well, I'm off to work on my new pattern.  It is part way finished, but not near close enough to list.  I just listed my third pattern on Patternmart and have had some success in selling so far.  Have a great week my friends!

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