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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday???

A busy week, but even though you can take the crafter outta the studio, you .....oh, you know what I mean.....I have a couple of minutes before running my next errand so I thought I would share the cutest, easiest fall craft ever.....

I told you that my friend had given me some craft items, right?  Well one of the items was a gallon bag full of cinnamon sticks.  What to do, what to do????  So I teamed up with my pal, Pinterest and saw the cutest little thing ever.  I'm gonna tell you how to make these sweet little pumpkins, but then if I figured it out, I bet you would too.

All you need for this project is: 
cinnamon sticks.  
      copper scouring pads
curly wire for trim
hot glue and glue gun

I bought the scourers at Dollar Tree, three in a package.  The cinnamon sticks I cut down to 2".  The curly wire is from my Etsy shop (you can purchase here) or simply make your own by curling a piece of wire around a pencil or paintbrush.  I used one of my wires per pumpkin, just bending in half.  I had some leaves in my hoard, so I just snipped off some.  The example on Pinterest used leaves cut from green felt.  Push the cinnamon stick down into the scourer, add the wire, leaf, and I used a little piece of raffia that I tied into a bow.  Hot glue in place.

Voila!!!  Now how cute is this?  Would be great as Thanksgiving favors, or for fall table place settings.  I'm gonna throw them in a basket in my kitchen......bonus.....they smell good too.

These are small and I am sure you can get larger scouring pads at the grocery store but you may have to pay a little more.  You could add a tag or another leaf.  Let me know how you make yours!

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