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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What 'cha working on THIS Wednesday?

I have been working hard, trying to clear a path in this studio.  I visited my favorite thrift store last Friday and found these little bottles.
 I got a bag of 27 bottles for $2.95.  I had this really cool scrapbook paper that says, "I love you  I love you  I love you" so I cut a strip and glued it to the body of the bottle.  I glued jute around the neck, tied on some little bells and a jute hanger and stuck some green and glittery in the top.  What do you think?

On Saturday, my sister and thrifting partner and I went to a couple of sales at churches.  She found a bunch of deals at the first one and I found some cool things at the second.  One of the buys at the second church was a box of wooden holly leaves and berries, already painted.  And yup.  The whole box was only $2!
 I simply strung two leaves and a berry on some jute, added a bow, and Voila!  A cute little ornament.  Well actually 27 ornaments!
I have some other goodies I will share with you later......

I also picked up a bunch of candle rings.  I was so happy to find these since I had about a dozen rusty candle pans that I purchased from my friend Jean a few months ago.  So I decided to use up some of my homespun and some of the rusty lids I have been sitting on for about two years.  Just place one of my little grungy tea lights inside and you have a great primitive candle!

So I am off to get some laundry done and work on a few other projects.  Still working on getting these medical tests done, and let me just say....I am not a big fan of medical facilities and doctor's offices.  Have a great week, y'all!

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