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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jeez, Louise....Its been a long time.....

What a few weeks I have had!  Sister Sue and I went on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt and what fun we had!  We left on Thursday, September 22 and came home late Saturday night.  Junk Jaunt is a loop that goes around central Nebraska, full of yard sales, craft shows, and flea markets.  We took Sue's small SUV and filled it to the brim.

 I bought 16 suitcases, lots of craft supplies, antiques, and items to repurpose.

We saw the these plunger drink holders....
We saw the cute, like these little pumpkins made from custard cups and screws.

 We saw the this sign on a liquor store
 We saw the pretty, like this old John Deere tractor turned into a planter....
 And we saw the "I want it but can't afford it".....
We no sooner got home, it seemed, that hubs had another medical procedure.  This time it was surgery for a deviated septum.  He has been such a good sport about all of this.

Then here came October,  I had a five day show for Grandmother's House at Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.  We set up on Monday the 3rd and it went through Saturday.  Phew!  Thankfully, my granddaughter, Skylar was there to help me on Saturday with the tear down.
She is also going to help me with my next show this weekend.  I will be setting up at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo for the Simply Vintage Market.  I am taking a few of my antiques, some of my repurposed items and some of my more rustic or primitive craft items.  A few of my new items that I will be bringing are shown below.  

So, if you are wanting something fun to do this weekend, come visit us in Pueblo.  There will be a preshow on Friday from 5-8 and we will be there on Saturday from 9 to 5.  Hope to see you there!

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