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Friday, November 4, 2016

Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors

This week, I am doing the Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors Holiday Bazaar at Conifer High School.  This is the first show that I did 19 years ago.  It is my best ever one day sales and I have developed a following there.  The week has been busy with errands, doctor's appt, and making and packing for my show.  My grand, Skylar, is helping me.  She is a junior there and president of the National Honor Society which is volunteering to help this year.  I am very excited to see old friends and make new ones!

A couple of things that I have been working on this week are centerpieces.  They have sold like crazy.  And they are so much fun to make out of repurposed items.  Now, I warn you that these pics aren't very good because I actually packed them away for the show before I remembered to photograph them.  So these were taken in the van!

Another thing that I finished up was a Raggedy Andy that was special ordered.  This very sweet lady bought one of my Annies for her newborn granddaughter and wanted an Andy for her grandson.

So set up is tonight and the show is tomorrow.  If you want a nice drive, come on up the hill and see me.  Can't make it?  I will be at Grandmother's House Boutique at Tagawa Gardens, Parker and Arapahoe Roads Tuesday thru Saturday next week.  Get that holiday shopping started!


  1. We lived in Evergreen, CO for 6 years and went to a church at Conifer high school for a couple of those. I never knew Conifer had this yearly event! I would have loved going. Evergreen, Conifer, and Bailey are my favorite mountain towns. Sure miss them.


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