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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello, 2017!  Glad to meet you!  I'm hoping that this year brings more good health, wealth, and happiness!  So far, it has been busy here at the 3 Peas homestead.  Little Sugar, above, loved all the glitz of the holidays.  It was all so special having all the family here.  This little munchkin,
Addyson Jo, named for my late daughter Brandi Jo, is five years old.  She climbed on my lap and gave me a hug and said enthusiastically, "I love you, my Squishy Grandma!)  The room was instantly silent until I burst out laughing.  Now, thanks to Addyson, I have joined Weight Watchers to see what I can do about that  So if I seem a bit cranky......

After New Years, hubs and I were both hit with a horrible sickness, his going in to pneumonia.  We are both feeling much better now.  I did manage to hit some after Christmas sales though, finding some great buys on some craft merchandise.  I purchased a bunch of these angel ornament blanks.
 I used to shy away from these kind of ornies, but with the great price I got ($.40 for 6), I wanted to give it a shot.  You do not have to be a talented decorative painter to do this!  First I painted the head and feet with a flesh tone acrylic paint.  All of the rest I painted white.  You may need to do a couple of coats of the white to cover up the black lettering stamped on the back.
You will want to paint both the front and the back.  Then put mod podge on the wing section and add glitter.  When dry, add another coat of mod podge.  Dot on eyes and put two circles on the front for hands.  I took the gold hanger off and exchanged  it for some white organza ribbon.  I used some tinsel trim for the halo, adding just a spot of hot glue to hold in place.  I clipped the shanks off of some snowflake buttons and glued over the "hands."
 They turned out so cute!  Angels are a great seller at my shows and I am sure that these will fly off the shelves.  And so simple!!
 I bought this snowman box at a thrift store and repainted it and added lights and foliage.  Cute, huh?
 These were blanks that I picked up at one of the craft stores.  I painted each slat a different shade of green and then used an antiquing wax to finish them.  I love these!  I may have to keep one for myself!

 I am working on my next pattern and an ebook.  I am also trying to get ready for a couple of spring shows.  Even though spring is not the most profitable of times for me, I like connecting with other crafters and seeing what is new for the year.  Love to get your feedback!  Comment or write me an email!  Have a great week!

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