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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unique Boutique Spring Show

So here I was just 10 short days ago, bragging about the beautiful Spring weather and wouldn't ya know it?  Forecast is snow, commencing about the time that I am unloading the van and setting up for the Unique Boutique Spring Show.
Oh, well!  Springtime in the Rockies is always surprising.  If you are in the area, come by!  There are always fun items to choose from.  I am going to have basket fillers, some Easter decor and some of my Raggedies.  I also have some primitive items and fun gift items too.  There are vendors with wearables, jewelry, soaps, purses, and many more handcrafted items.  I have been doing this show for many years and always find something new and different.  And....lots of yummy treats too!

I've been playing around with some centerpieces and wall hangings this year.  I bought this birdcage at my favorite thrift store and filled it with spring like items for a great centerpiece.
The picture isn't great, but I have little flower lights inside as well as a bird nest and eggs.

Last summer, while on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt, I bought this little Americana wheelbarrow and decided to put some floral in it.  I think it is really sweet.
And of course, a sleigh...
I got a huge bag o' bunnies at the thrift store.  These were all new, tagged, and naked.  So I dressed them and they are ready for your Easter decor or basket....

Well, hopefully, the snow that is predicted melts quickly and warms up in a hurry.  Have a great weekend, no matter where you live and no matter what the weather!

PS.  Squishy Grandma is down 15#!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Springlike Weather

I know that some parts of the country are being hammered with snowstorms and blizzard conditions, but here in the Colorado Rockies, it is Springlike, with temps in the 50's and 60's and down in Denver projected temps this week will hit 80 degrees.  It sure helps me when I am creating for Spring shows.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Hobby that place....and I was checking out the 80% off clearance for Valentines Day items.  Here is the way I figure it:  Valentines Day is about love and the color red.  Both of these things I incorporate into Christmas designs.  So I bought some red buttons and these tin heart-shaped wall pockets.  I love the vintage look of these with their homespun bow, skeleton key, and distressed paint.  I simply added the floral and Voila!  I am going to put these out at my spring shows....I don't think they look to Valentine-y. do you?  And the pockets were only around $2!

Remember how I told you about buying an entire box of spindles last summer for only $2?  I knew I could find a use for them, but it sure took me a while.  These were spindles from a 1970's kitchen remodel and they were cut into small pieces.  Here is the final product:

 First I sawed off the ends of the spindle and painted it.  I used an ivory chalk paint and it took several coats since I didn't sand down the spindles first....too small and detailed.  I bought 1" knobs that were flat on one end and painted them flesh tone and glued them to the spindles.  For the wings, I used hearts, snowflakes, stars, etc.  I painted both sides bright white.  One side at a time, I put on a coat of Mod Podge and added coarse glitter.  When dry, I recoated with more Mod Podge and let dry.  Flip over and repeat on the other side.
 Using a tiny drill bit, I drilled a starter hole in the top of the head and screwed in an eye.  I used wired tinsel for the halo and attached a white ribbon for hanging.

I used the same drill bit and drilled through the "wings" and into the back of the spindle.  I also used some hot glue to hold in place.  Eyes were dotted with Sharpie and cheeks were blushed.  A ribbon rose was glued into place.

I love how they turned out, but these were a lot of work.  And time.  Applying and reapplying paint and mod podge and then letting each dry took a lot of time.  But aren't they sweet?

Well, on to finish some raggedies and more bunnies.

Monday, March 6, 2017

March winds and spring shows

I feel a bit like a teenager who has to sneak in when she gets home late.....I feel guilty that I haven't posted and like I will somehow get in trouble.  February was a busy month for me.  My grandson turned is that possible? I spent the day with him and his girlfriend, going to a movie and out to lunch.
I spent five days with my brother in Arizona.  We had a great time, antiquing, touring old buildings, riding on a paddleboat and going out on the UTV.  I saw my new great niece and my sister-in-law and other family members.
And, yes, I had a birthday.  The family spent the day with me and hubs and I went shopping and to a movie.
And I have not been slacking on the craft end, either.....I have two spring shows coming up and I am really scurrying around trying to get things done.  These images are not in any particular order, so I will just have to go through and tell about each.

This first is a swag that I found at the thrift store.  I changed the bow and added lights.  I think it is beautiful.
 This simple arrangement is in a shabby chic basket with a chalkboard back.  I think it will go well with any spring decor.
 I did a lot of printables for my shows.  This is a free printable I got off of Pinterest.
 I buy most of my printables from  They sell great, are inexpensive, and are so much fun.  If you stop over there, tell Sondra I sent you.  This bunny bait is new this year.
 Picture is crappy but these are bunny ears.  The chocolate ears come from Dollar Tree.  Graphics from Sunflower Friends.
 I have been doing Bunny Tails for years.  I made these graphics myself on Publisher.
 Don't Snicker, a great seller for a basket filler and a stocking stuffer.  Sunflower Friends.
 I started selling these Post-it Covers last year and sold out.  Also from Sunflower Friends.
New item this year for me from Sunflower Friends.

 These are some little wooden scoops I got at the thrift store last fall.  I stained them, drilled a hole in the handle and added some greenery and ribbon for some cute ornies.

 Just a blank I bought after the holiday, painted and ready for Fall.
I have made a bunch of these little raggedies.  These are not quite finished but in the past, I have sold out of this design, so I am working on a bunch.
I've also been working on some bunnies and angels.  I love what I do!  

PS.  Squishy grandma is down 12#!