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Monday, March 6, 2017

March winds and spring shows

I feel a bit like a teenager who has to sneak in when she gets home late.....I feel guilty that I haven't posted and like I will somehow get in trouble.  February was a busy month for me.  My grandson turned is that possible? I spent the day with him and his girlfriend, going to a movie and out to lunch.
I spent five days with my brother in Arizona.  We had a great time, antiquing, touring old buildings, riding on a paddleboat and going out on the UTV.  I saw my new great niece and my sister-in-law and other family members.
And, yes, I had a birthday.  The family spent the day with me and hubs and I went shopping and to a movie.
And I have not been slacking on the craft end, either.....I have two spring shows coming up and I am really scurrying around trying to get things done.  These images are not in any particular order, so I will just have to go through and tell about each.

This first is a swag that I found at the thrift store.  I changed the bow and added lights.  I think it is beautiful.
 This simple arrangement is in a shabby chic basket with a chalkboard back.  I think it will go well with any spring decor.
 I did a lot of printables for my shows.  This is a free printable I got off of Pinterest.
 I buy most of my printables from  They sell great, are inexpensive, and are so much fun.  If you stop over there, tell Sondra I sent you.  This bunny bait is new this year.
 Picture is crappy but these are bunny ears.  The chocolate ears come from Dollar Tree.  Graphics from Sunflower Friends.
 I have been doing Bunny Tails for years.  I made these graphics myself on Publisher.
 Don't Snicker, a great seller for a basket filler and a stocking stuffer.  Sunflower Friends.
 I started selling these Post-it Covers last year and sold out.  Also from Sunflower Friends.
New item this year for me from Sunflower Friends.

 These are some little wooden scoops I got at the thrift store last fall.  I stained them, drilled a hole in the handle and added some greenery and ribbon for some cute ornies.

 Just a blank I bought after the holiday, painted and ready for Fall.
I have made a bunch of these little raggedies.  These are not quite finished but in the past, I have sold out of this design, so I am working on a bunch.
I've also been working on some bunnies and angels.  I love what I do!  

PS.  Squishy grandma is down 12#!

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