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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring shows, best sellers, and a tutorial

The Unique Boutique show was a success despite a spring snow storm.  I sold my birdcage, both wooden bunnies, two lighted garlands and sold out of the bunny ears candy.  I am setting up on Wednesday for my last of two Spring shows:  Grandmother’s House Spring Boutique, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 W 6th Ave Frontage Rd, Golden, CO 80401 Thu Apr 06 - Sat Apr 08.
I don't have a pretty flier for this one, but it is sure to be a great show!  I have been doing shows for this organization since 2001, although I have never done a spring show.  Since I sold so much at the last show, I made up a few new items.  This little wreath was easy.  I bought a bag of floral at the thrift store and the wreath was inside.  The glittery egg was part of a yard stake that I had broken.  I wired the egg to the wreath and added a bow....
 More floral from the thrift store.  This is a bunny, who somehow remained naked after I dressed so many and I purchased three of these wall pockets at the thrift store for $3!  I took a little sand paper to them to shabby them up a bit.
 Another wall pocket....

 And the third one.....
 I bought these next two containers months ago from the $3 bins at Target.  The first will go out in the fall.....foliage I bought on clearance after Thanksgiving.

This is the other container that I purchased at Target.  All of the floral come from the Dollar Tree!
Okay, so this is a Pinterest hack.  Talk about easy.  I was going to do a tutorial on this but time got away from me.  So here is what I did....I always save all of my hub's scraps, so I had a few 2 x 4s laying around.  I just sawed them into different lengths and painted them white.  I have a BUNCH of burlap, so I made myself a template and cut out some ears.  I zig zagged around the edges because this stuff ravells like crazy.  I added some pink checked fabric for the inner ears, leaving the base open.  I put pipe cleaners up inside so the ears would stand up.   I painted wooden hearts and wrapped thin wires around an old paintbrush to make it curly and glued on.  Blushed the cheeks, painted the eyes and glued on some pips and ribbons.  Easy Peasy.....
I have had this old sleigh laying around for a while.  Just simply added a big bow and bells.

I bought this washboard from Michaels, unfinished and on sale.  I stained it, made a pip wreath, stapled on some burlap and a bow.
Another Pinterest hack.  These little bunnies are made from brown kraft paper and contain jelly beans.

If you want to make them, here is an easy tutorial:
You will need kraft paper, a scissors, pinking shears for paper, tape, ribbon, pompoms, jelly beans, sewing machine, pen or pencil.

     I buy kraft paper by the roll at Dollar Tree.  It is great to cover surfaces, to wrap gifts with, and to use in crafts.  I used a template that I had (you can find one free on line) and traced several on a double thickness of the paper.  You can also use paper bags, scrapbook paper, etc.
I cut them apart, leaving enough room around the edges to work with.  I also taped the edges since my rolled paper tended to roll.....duh
I started sewing the two sections together at what would be the bunny's neck, sewing inside of the markings about 1/4 of an inch.  
This lets you finish on the biggest part of the bunny, the bottom.  Before you get all the way around, leave a section open to push in the jelly beans.  I fit between 6 and 8 in  each one.  But this is where it gets a little tricky.  If you don't push them away from your pressure foot, you will tear into the paper....voice of experience speaking.  And I have to warn you, dollar store paper is cheap, thus, tears easily.
Once sewn, use your pinkers to cut off your markings.

Glue on the pom pom and bow.

This is a fun little project and will look cute in anyone's basket.  Or how about a gift for those co-workers, etc?  You could use chocolate instead of jelly beans.  You could make them out of pretty pastels instead of brown paper.  You could use raffia instead of ribbon.....and the list goes on.

Things I learned:
  1. Dollar Store paper tears easily and tends to roll.
  2. Use a bigger stitch on your machine.
  3. Backstitch as if you were sewing on fabric.  It anchors the stitching.
  4. Hot glue can get messy.
  5. Never use sewing shears on paper!
Have fun with this little project.  And if you are hanging out this weekend, come by and see me!

PS.  Squishy Grandma is down 18.6#!