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Monday, July 3, 2017

Brooms, not for sweeping

I bought a couple of brooms at the thrift store.  I love these during the fall, to hang on the door.  They are so simple.  You can also buy brooms at craft stores in the fall as well.
 I thought the broom with the black handle looked a bit more elegant than the other one, so I chose an organdy orange and black wired ribbon for this one, a burlap print for the other.  To make the bows, and you know I love me a great bow, start by deciding how large you want the bow.  Wrap the bow back and forth as shown.
 You will want to get it pretty thick, like below so your bow is nice and full.
 Cut triangles into the bow, on each outer edge in the approximate middle.  Sorry the pic doesn't do it justice.  > <  Just make sure of two things.  Don't cut all the way through and don't use your good fabric scissors on wired ribbon!
 Cut a piece of the ribbon about six or eight inches long and roll it together, making it thinner and stronger.
 Tie the rolled ribbon into the > <  tightly.  Then one by one, pull apart the bow and twist as you separate.  You will get a big fluffy ribbon in no time at all.

Practice making bows and you will get so good at it, you will find yourself putting them everywhere.  And your holiday packages will be the envy of the book club!

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