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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another terrific Thursday!!!

As promised, I am adding some pictures of my Christmas village.  My camera has been giving me fits, so I had to use hubby's.  I don't have one of those panoramic cameras so I had to take several. 

It is a lot of work to set all of this up, but I had forgotten just how fun it is.  I can't wait for the grandkids to see it!  I like to look at each piece and remember just how I came to own it.  There is the Home Depot that Brandi bought for me and even painted orange aprons on the little people.  There is the Harley shop that we bought at Sturgis one year.  There is the Disney castle that Scott's family brought me back from Disney world and the Chinese restaurant that Heidi bought me.  So many of the pieces were gifts from family, friends, co-workers.  It makes me happy to remember it all and embarrassed that I have not put it up for so long. 

Tomorrow is finally Friday and I am looking forward to a weekend of baking and getting ready for the big week ahead.  Have a great weekend.

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