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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musings

Have you ever wanted to wrap that special package in a, well, special way, but just don't know what to do except to miter the corners of a sparkly gift wrap on a roll and slap on a purchased gift tag and a bow chosen from the bow bag?  Well, sister, start thinking outside the gift box.  I have a few ideas to make your gifts sparkle and be the item at the party that brings all the oohs and aahs.
  1.  Make your own gift wrap.  Its really not all that hard.  This is some simple brown kraft paper that I stamped with a kid's snowflake stamp and just dotted with some glitter paint.  I will add some raffia and maybe some curly blue ribbon and there you have it!
  2.  Think outside the box.  You can purchase brown kraft lunch bags and stamp, draw, or write on the bags for special little gift holders.  These would be perfect for secret santas or gift swaps.  Everyone knows that when you put that much time and effort into the wrap, the gift is sure to be perfect!
  3.  Wrap with part of the present.  For instance, a cookbook tucked into an oven mitt, just needs an added bow.  A piece of jewelry wrapped in a silk scarf does double duty.  Hand baked goods in cellophane bags, are perfect in a kitchen basket or pan topped with a dish towel.  Tie a cooky cutter, small whisk, or measuring spoons to stay with the theme.
  4.  Save the planet!  Jars, cans, bottles, and boxes can be painted or covered and can be reused for storage or decor after the gift is removed.  I like to find reuseable tote bags that you can buy for about $1 for a gift bag.  The recipient can use them over and over for grocery shopping.  I found some pink ones for Breast Cancer Awareness so I gave support while gift giving.
  5.  Be creative with embellishments!  Get out the tape and glue gun and get creative.  I love to gather items from outdoors, like pinecones or dried flowers and tie with greenery instead of a bow.  What about a fishing lure for the fisherman on your list?  A rattle for a baby, candy canes for anyone, or an ornament personalized with a name or date are all so much better than a bow!

I hope these are ideas that you can incorporate into your holiday gift giving.  Always recycle bags, gift wrap, and ribbon when possible.  I even reuse greeting cards for tags for the next year.  If you have creative ideas for gift wrapping, let me know.  This old dog can stand to learn a few new tricks!

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  1. You sure did post alot this weekend. Love the gift wrap ideas. Get to work on that tree and make it your own and send us pics on how you decorated it.


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