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Friday, January 6, 2012

First Friday

So here it is, the first Friday of 2012.  I've been so busy with Christmas cleanup, new contracts for our construction company, etc., etc., I have not gotten a chance to do anything with my new sewing machine.  I did have a chance for a while to put together some of my pillows that I had already embroidered.
I sell alot of these pillows at craft shows.  They also bring people into my stand and make them happy.

Most of the pillows are just made from fabric scraps.  Its a great way to use up scraps, while keeping your hands busy at night.  (out of the chip bowl)

I find the sayings everywhere, but if you have a great one...let me know.  I can always use new material (just make sure its not TOO long!)

If you want the pillow to look more primitive, change the fabrics, dye the muslin, or tea stain the entire pillow.

A trick that I have is that I embroider and assemble the pillows, but I don't stuff them until they are ordered or are ready to be displayed at a show.  They are just too bulky to store. 

Have a great weekend!

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