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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday????

How did it get to be Wednesday already????  Have you ever heard that expression:  The faster I go, the behinder I get.......well, its my new motto.  Let's see.....Saturday, I canned about a dozen jars of jalapenos, baked my son a birthday cake and celebrated with him and his family Saturday evening. 
I would tell you how many candles are on the cake, but then you'd never believe that I am only 39.....hehe
On Sunday, I was at the St. Mary's Harvest Festival where I showcased my little pumpkins (see prior tutorial)
On Monday, I spent many trips unloading the car and truck.  In order to get to the shed, I had to walk past the game camera.  Ooops, I forgot to shut it off so it came as no surprise when there were 18 pics on it!  At least now hubby can see that I DO something!!
Last night I went to my grand's first volley ball game.  Way to go Skylar!
In addition, I have made a couple of the dresses, clotheslines, and have been working on sorting and pricing my stock.  Maybe one day I will get around to cleaning my house....but how is that fun?
Gotta get to it now.  What are you up to???

Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Monday Blog

Good morning, my bloggie friends.  Just a short Monday morning note to get me off and running this am.  Attended the St. Mary's Harvest Festival yesterday, so my behind is dragging a bit this morning.  The festival was very well attended by many Bailyites and others, but for me, the show was not too profitable.  More festival goers, less shoppers.  But I met some great folks and it gave me a bit of an idea on just how much stuff I have to get ready for my next show!  So, I am off to the studio, by way of course of the greenhouses, to get busy....oh, little elves unloaded my car last night, so then there is that!  Will try to post more tomorrow, even with pics and everything! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday already....

I had a very busy week with my granddaughter, Brooklynne, last week.  In addition to canning all the produce, we weeded the garden, sanded and painted the desk, and spent the day at Tiny Town.  I enjoyed every minute of her visit, and though, I was weary and worn out by the end of the day, it was so much fun having her here. 

So....remember way back when???  When I bought a desk at auction for $5?  This is what it looked like then:
It has kind of set around for a year or more, while we closed our shop.  So finally, Brooklynne and I finished it for her very girly room!

 Here is a close up of the fancy little girl drawer pulls that I found on clearance for only $.80 each.
I have my first fall show on Sunday at a local Catholic church.  So I have been making more candy corn and pumpkins and an additional three scarecrow bobbleheads.  I also completed this really cool garland today:

It is made on a strand of 35 minilights.  There are orange, black, and an orange and black check tied on to the lights.  It makes a pretty long garland and is perfect for fireplace, over the door, or draped over the top of a window.  I just love the way it looks!

Have a great day, my friends, and come and see me on Sunday if you can.  St. Mary's of the Rockies Harvest Festival!  I know you'll have a great time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Terribly Busy...Canning, Crafting, Painting

Sunday, hubbie and I picked up our granddaughter, Brooklynne, who lives in Cheyenne.  She is 6 and I am 60 and she has ten times the energy that I do.  On Monday, we went to get Skylar, my 12 year old grandgirl.  The two of them play really well together.  I had stopped at a farm stand on Sunday and we started canning.  Skylar went home, but Brooklynne and I finished up today.  We canned ground tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, dill slices, bread and butter pickles, hot salsa, dill relish, and sweet relish.  I am exhausted but it sure looks pretty, huh?  We are waiting on beets from the garden and I still have a bunch of peppers left.  But I ran out of jars about the same time that I ran out of steam.
I also have been working on some of the graphics that I got from Sunflower Friends.  If you have never visited their site, do so!  They are reasonable in price, very helpful, and I love their graphics!

These are great for shows or for last minute gifts.  Check out for more ideas.
Well, Brooklynne and I are working on refinishing a desk for her room.  She was sanding today when I took this shot:
Have a great day, my friends!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday. oops, Thursday

Wow!  I'm still playing catchup.  I've gotta get some items finished before I can make even more chaos in the studio...or do I?  Hmmm, let me think...Here are some things I have been working on....
This guy looks so much better than the first one....sometimes it takes a little time to work out the details.

 I really love these little baby shoes.  These are some antique shoes that I painted with a mixture of mod podge and glitter.  I used organza ribbon for the ties and finished off with a tea light.  You can also stick in floral picks or make it into a pin keep.
I always try to mass produce my ornaments.  Once I finish the first one, I cut out multiples, sew multiples, glue multiples, etc.  This is not all that  I did, but it gives you an idea of all the projects I have going on.
Today I am working on more little pumpkins.  I used up the remainder of the orange fabric.  What was left and was too small for the pumpkin, I cut into strips and will use for a rag garland.
I still have a bunch of paint paddle ornies to finish, and loads of pumpkins to sew.  But I SO want to get started on some of my new items.  Hmmmmm, what to do, what to do? 
Better get busy!  Have a super day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catch Up Tuesday

So, in case you didn't know, hubby was in the hospital for a couple of days but is feeling fine again.  It was quite a scare, as well as quite a wake up call.  I guess none of us is as young as we used to be.  So he came home Friday night and we both have been dragging a bit ever since.

Today, I was playing catch up.  I had a couple of ebay items to ship, feed to buy for the chickens, weeds to pull and laundry to do.  I harvested some more lettuce and yes, a third harvest this year for rhubarb.
I'm looking for some recipes to use this that will still fit in with our new low sodium, low fat diet. 
We have had quite a bit of rain up here so this year, our flowers are more beautiful than ever:

Our cukes, squash, and maters are all doing well, too!  They are taking over the little greenhouse!
 I have booked another show too, so I am hard at work getting more and more things completed.  I have finished about a dozen of the gingerbread ornies, another 8 of the pumpkins and a half dozen or so of the little stockings.  Tomorrow, I hope to get some scarecrows done and maybe cut out more pumpkins.  I have a crescent witch to finish and  a whole bunch of the ornies made from paint paddles.  Hopefully, I will get to one of my new projects....I have some new patterns that I am dying to try. 
Have a great day, my friends....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday

Well, you know how I love could spend days there, just looking around, getting ideas....Well, anyway, I found these cute little ornies that I'm calling Away in the Manger.  I made a few changes, just to make it my own, and if you want to make them, you could do the same.
Here is what you need to make these:  mini grapevine wreath, wire, some kind of trim (I used a little wooden star) a head or a small ball, some fleece, and some straw or moss or excelsior.  I also used some card stock to put under the wreath to keep everything from falling through.

Cut your cardstock by making a circle about the size of the wreath.  I traced a jar lid and it was perfect.  Take your felt or fleece (or even flannel will work) and cut it into 2 1/2" squares. 

Cut one of the squares in half and roll it up for the body.  A spot of glue will hold it in place.  Then glue on the cardstock to the bottom of the wreath.  Just kinda look to see which side is flatter and use it.  This is something that I decided to add.  The ones I saw on Pinterest didn't use this but they used alot more excelsior and, its just me, but I thought it looked a little sloppy.

Press the card stock down firmly and turn it over and let it dry, wreath side up.

 Now you want to make your baby Jesus.  I showed you how to make the body by rolling up the fleece.  Glue on the head.  I just happened to have these little heads in my stash.  If you don't, or if you think they look  a little creepy, make your own.  A flat-sided ball, or a half ball will do the trick.  Just paint them with some flesh toned paint and add dots for eyes.

Lay the baby on the  fleece as shown above, and wrap him burrito style in the fleece.  Glue some moss or excelsior to the dried wreath and add in baby Jesus.  (You will want to glue him down)  Cut some wire for the hanger.  I used about a 10" piece of black wire but you can make it longer if you want more little curls on it.  I secured mine to the wreath and then curled it by wrapping it around a crochet hook.  I glued it on and there you have it, your Away in a Manger ornament. 

Again, make this your own.  I had to glue a bit of the fleece to the top of the head because there was a hole in it.  You could paint on a little bit of hair.  You can use some straw to fill in the "manger".  You could wrap the baby in homespun.  Instead of black wire, you could use rusty wire.  Instead of a star, you could glue on a heart, or put on a tag.