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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catch Up Tuesday

So, in case you didn't know, hubby was in the hospital for a couple of days but is feeling fine again.  It was quite a scare, as well as quite a wake up call.  I guess none of us is as young as we used to be.  So he came home Friday night and we both have been dragging a bit ever since.

Today, I was playing catch up.  I had a couple of ebay items to ship, feed to buy for the chickens, weeds to pull and laundry to do.  I harvested some more lettuce and yes, a third harvest this year for rhubarb.
I'm looking for some recipes to use this that will still fit in with our new low sodium, low fat diet. 
We have had quite a bit of rain up here so this year, our flowers are more beautiful than ever:

Our cukes, squash, and maters are all doing well, too!  They are taking over the little greenhouse!
 I have booked another show too, so I am hard at work getting more and more things completed.  I have finished about a dozen of the gingerbread ornies, another 8 of the pumpkins and a half dozen or so of the little stockings.  Tomorrow, I hope to get some scarecrows done and maybe cut out more pumpkins.  I have a crescent witch to finish and  a whole bunch of the ornies made from paint paddles.  Hopefully, I will get to one of my new projects....I have some new patterns that I am dying to try. 
Have a great day, my friends....

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