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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Its a Good Day

I usually don't  blog on Sundays but it has been such a good day, I thought I would share a few things.  First of all, hubby was home.  He has been working obscene hours, six days a week, so I never get to see him.  I spent a few minutes with my sis and I hadn't seen her for a while.  And the Broncos won!  So see, it was good. 

I've been working on trying to print on fabric unsuccessfully for a while and I finally got it to work yesterday.  This is a free pattern that I pulled off of the Olde Country Cupboard blog. 

 The process really isn't that difficult once you know what you are doing.  Just iron on fabric (something light like cotton or muslin) to freezer paper.  One side of the paper has a coating.  That should be the side against your fabric.  Your iron has to be hot enough to slightly melt the coating so it can adhere to the fabric.  Then cut to size.  I just used a regular 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper and laid it on top of the muslin and cut.  It will feed through your printer just like cardstock.   You can put any printable graphic onto fabric.  I originally bought some of the paper/fabric that is already adhered but this seemed to work just as well.  I made these into little gift bags but you could make pillows, doll clothes, etc.  Be sure if you are putting the print onto something you will wash that you test it for colorfastness.  (Such as towels or placemats)

I also did some more little stocking stuffers.  These are from and are very reasonably priced. 
The pic is not real good but the first pack contains two hot chocolate packets.  The second says, "Don't snicker, At least you got something."  There are two snack size snicker bars in the baggie.  Great for stockings.

I'll finish this post with one of my favorite pillows. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kindness Day

Today is Kindness Day for students in our town of Bailey, Colorado.  Several years ago, a crazed gunman broke into our high school, taking a classroom hostage, and eventually killing one of the students, Emily Keyes.  Since then her parents have formed a foundation in her honor, and the community has stood behind them in promoting love and kindness in our community.  There is a motorcycle run, a celebration at the school, and various other events including today as kindness day.  On this day, students at Platte Canyon High School are granted a day off to administer help and kindness to someone in the community.  My grandson, Quest, was kind enough to help me with some household chores and the only payment expected and accepted was food.  We had a great time.  We took a break from our chores to run some errands and drove up to Kenosha Pass to look at the fall colors.  I will share some of the pics with you and ask that you also show some kindness to someone today and observe the beauty that God has created.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday????

Hello, my bloggie friends.  I have been working on some ornaments.  I have to admit, they are not quite my own design, but well, kinda.  I downloaded a free ornament pattern for these santa and snowman ornies.  They were really primitive, hand sewn, and just not for me.  So I used the basic shapes of the hats, faces, etc. but sewed most on the machine, gave some extra trim and texture, and new faces.  Made mostly of felt, the edges don't have to be finished, except for the santa hats.  I didn't have any felt, so I used flannel and had to finish the seams.

Still working on my Scottie dogs, I found this funky felt at the craft store.  What 'cha think?

So, here's the thing.  If you are just making ornaments that get taken out once a year, it's fine to buy the cheap craft felt.  That way you can get a whole bunch of colors and patterns for not much money.  But if you do alot of one color (I use loads of black and off white) buy it on sale by the yard.  You can usually find it on sale for 40-50% off or clip those newspaper coupons!  You can also layer the felt.  The little Scotties have the patterned felt stitched to two layers of black felt.  The beards and hats are two layers.  It gives the ornament structure and stability.  And if you are sewing by machine, try using machine quilting thread.  It's heavier and stronger.
See ya soon, my friends.  Have a good evening!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tips

One thing that most true crafters, artisans, and designers have in common is that we HATE to throw things away.  If something is salvageable, we try to recycle or upcycle everything that we can.  Such is the case of the SCARY elf head ornaments.   Like something from a Stephen King novel, I had these oversized, ugly ornaments that I purchased at a greatly discounted price some years ago.  Needless to say, though I tried to sell them for several years, I never sold a one.  Why?  Because, (see prior sentence), they are ugly and oversized.  But I hate to toss
I took three of the heads, (I have 6: two red, one green, and three blue) and turned them into a garland. 
I think they will be cute on a fireplace mantle or even swagged over a window.  So, see, just open your mind a bit and try some new things.

Another thing that I did is the cutest thing from  I think these will be a great seller at my shows this year:
This is simply a new cookie cutter in a bag ( I used a 4x6 bag) with a hang tag or topper stapled on.  The front says "Cookie Cutter for You"  with cute graphics and the back reads:  I made a plate of cookies and just ate one or two,  But I started feeling guilty 'Cause they were for you.  I went into a panic...ran out to the store And bought this brand new cookie cutter so you can make some more!
These would be great for secret santa gifts, stocking stuffers, or for a co-worker or book club member.  Check out Sunflower Friends.  She has great graphics for other things as well.  Her prices are great and she has always been helpful when I have had questions. 
Well, my bloggie friends, I am off to create more havoc in the studio.  My granddaughter has a volleyball game this afternoon, so I had better get busy.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, thank God its Monday!  Had a really busy weekend with the boutique and all.  Craft shows are so much work....the set up, the tear down, the loading and unloading of the car!  But that's what keeps us young....and sore.... and tired....hehehe.  I had a great time!  My sales were good, I met up with an old friend, connected with some new ones.  I can't wait to come back in November. 

My next show is in two weeks.  It is a one day show and they are so much work.  Plus it is outside.  So pray for great weather all!

I have a new item that I will show in my next show.  I will post a pic on tomorrow's blog.  You are gonna love it.  Can't wait to show my Tuesday tip with you.  For now, my bloggie friends, I am off to the studio.  I promise pics tomorrow!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Unique Boutique

I was so really slammed yesterday.  I had to load up the truck for my show and then unload and set up last night.  All I can say is "Thank you God for Quest!"  My grandson went along with me yesterday and helped me set up for my show.  I would probably still be there if he hadn't helped me.  Well the Unique Boutique starts today and runs through tomorrow.  It is a new show for me so I did not know what to expect.  It seems there was a horrible family tragedy with the show's producer so things were pretty bad at the set up.  Hopefully, this family will receive many prayers and comfort in this time of grief.

Well, I have another busy day today.  The show runs until 5PM but since it is boutique style, I will not be there all day.  I will go buy this morning but probably will not stay all day.  I have some banking and shopping to do as well.  I will be at the show all day tomorrow as well.  Come by and visit if you can! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What 'cha Workin' on Wednesday???


Of course, my dear bloggies, I am getting ready for my first real fall show of the season.  I am printing schedules, business cards, and making sure all my inventory is priced.  I did want to show you a couple of things that I have been doing, however.  There of course more bobbles:

And I have been making and selling these brooms for several years now.  They are easy to make, fun to create and a great seller.

These aren't the greatest of pics, but you get the idea.  Simply wrap the handle with fall/Halloween ribbon and top with a bow.  I use jute for a hanger at the top and tuck in raffia, floral, even some spiders and bats. 
Talk with you soon!

Tuesday Tutorial

 Okay, as promised, here is the Tuesday tutorial, even though it is Wednesday. 

To make a beautiful wreath, to use either as a lighted centerpiece, a mantle decoration, or a door hanging, you will need some ribbon, one of those green foam floral wreaths, a small string of lights, and some assorted Christmas balls, bells, floral, etc.

Start by wrapping your ribbon around the wreath.  I get my floral wreaths at Dollar Tree, for, you guessed it, $1.  I used some leftover ribbon that I had but if you don't have a stash like I do, shop the dollar stores or use a coupon for either Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  You could even use a non-raveling fabric like fleece or felt cut into strips.
Either pin or glue the ends once you are finished wrapping the wreath.  Don't use hot, no, no!
I used a strand of 20 lights and wrapped around the top and the inside of the wreath.  Use wires or pins to hold in place.  You do not want to wrap the wreath on the underside or it won't lay flat.  Then take your balls, bells, etc and start filling in.  I start with the largest balls and put them on first and then fill in with small balls, bells, and even some floral picks.  Your goal is coverage withoug burying your lights.  I hot glue my ornies on, but if you want you can use t-pins or wire. 
I think it is best to decide before you start on a color scheme.  I chose gold and red, but you could use gold and silver, blue and purple, red and pink, etc, etc.  Oh, I always take the hangers off the ornaments before glueing them on. 
I like my wreath on a table top.  Here I am showing it displayed with one of my frosted jars.  You can use a jar candle, candlesticks, a vase with flowers, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
I put a bow on one end, so if I want to hang on the wall, it will look like a regular wreath.  Here are a couple of hints:
  1. Don't make it too matchy, matchy.  In other words, make it interesting.  Change up sizes and textures.
  2. Some of my red balls were found at a garage sale and there were a few little nicks or scratches.  To hide, spray a little adhesive on the whole wreath and lightly dust with glitter. 
  3. Cover glue globs with small bells or floral leaves.
  4. If you have a bunch of glue strings, use a hair dryer on a low speed.  It will blow them away and give you a more polished look.
Thanks for your patience, my friends.  Follow my blog so you don't miss out on upcoming tutorials!

Tuesday Tutorial

I know, I know.  Today IS Wednesday.  But I tried to get this on all day yesterday and for some reason, Bloggie will not upload my photos.  I am still trying.  Coming soon, I promise.......

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, Monday

One of those cool, cloudy days today....with quite a storm as well.  I don't really have any new items to post since I have been working on finishing up things for my show this weekend.  I have a great tutorial for tomorrow, so stay tuned....

Finishing up ornies, bobbleheads, and some witch's brooms.  My set up is Thursday and the show is Friday and Saturday so my posts this week may be short, but oh so sweet...

Come back tomorrow, my bloggie friends.  I am off to watch the Broncos on Monday Night Football. !!!!Goooooooo!!!!!!!  Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Freaky Friday

I guess today hasn't been really too freaky but it has been frantic.  I had a meeting this morning at 9:30 and it was an hour away.  After that I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, stopped for lunch, went to the bank and then spent my wad at the grocery store.  I love this day of the week, but it seems I run out of time and steam.  Know what I mean???

Well, anyway, tomorrow is my son's girlfriend's 40th birthday.  It is always hard for me to find something special for her.  This year was no different.  So I decided to make something....surprise, surprise...

I got 40 one dollar bills at the bank and a box of facial tissue at the grocery store and a roll of tape.  I used my computer to print off:  Happy 40th Birthday Kim!  Don't be sad...Dry those happy tears here.
I cut the papers the width of the bills and taped them all together.

Then I started adding dollar bills, all forty of them, end to end.

You know, forty one dollar bills are alot....
Then I removed the tissue and folded the bills and paper accordian style and stuffed it into the box.  I added a couple of tissues back just for effect.  What do you think??  You could use larger denomination bills if you want, but how fun is that??  Hope she likes it!

This would be a great shower gift, a clever way to gift money at Christmas, a special anniversary gift, or how about gifting cash at a retirement party?  Use your imagination!  If you want to be thriftier, tape IOU's for free baby sitting, a foot rub, dog walking, etc. together end to end and let the recipeint take them apart to cash them in.  Could be great for Mom's Day!
Have a great weekend my bloggie friends!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

As a crafter, designer, and all around cheap-skate, I look for things that can be other know, dual purpose.  For instance, I have a grain scoop in my bathroom to hold rolled up wash cloths.  I reuse and recycle most everything.  So, open up your eyes, my bloggie friends, and look around you.  A while back, I found a bunch of vintage jars and snatched them up for little to nothing.  So proud of my purchase, but then I thought, what am I going to do with all these cool looking jars???

After thoroughly cleaning and drying the jars, I cut out little snowflakes from some old adhesive labels.  (I used a snowflake punch, but you could use whatever shape you want.)  Then I sprayed the outside of the jars and tops with a glass frost spray.  I added a gingham ribbon and an aged tag, but you can use whatever you want or have on hand to embellish.
You can use other containers as well.  This is a regular Ball canning pint jar.  I used the spray and decals the same way, but topped the jar lid with fabric and an artificial candy that I had on hand.
You can use these in your holiday gift giving.  They would be great for mixes, candies, or even a handmade ornament.  Use your imagination.  What about a doggie themed fabric, with dog treats inside?  Or a cookie mix with a cookie cutter tied on top?  The possibilities are endless!  Let me know how you decorate your jars!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What 'cha workin' on Wednesday???

So, it was raining when I went to sleep last night and it is still raining.  Just the kind of day for eating soup, cuddling with the puppies, and making pillows!  If you don't know me, you don't know about my (in)famous pillows.  I have been making them for many years now, and I do it because it makes people smile.  I find the sayings in books, joke captions, and even some of my customers have brought me some.  Here are a few that I finished up today:
I know the pics aren't the greatest, but I wanted you to be able to read the sayings.  My pillows retail for $12.99 ea, are handmade, with hand embroidered sayings.  Email me if you are interested.
I also made some more of my westie ornies.  I made a few black Scotties:

I have added the little tag so you can add a pet name, date, etc.  These are available at my Etsy shop for $5.99 ea 
So.....what is planned for tomorrow???  I hope to preview one of my new items tomorrow.  And Thrifty Thursday should have fun frugal ideas for your gift giving and home decor.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tips for Tuesday

Wow!  I had a really busy Monday, digging up taters from my garden, and working on more crafts.  Now if you are a crafter, sewer, needleworker, painter, etc., etc., you probably have a "stash."  I sure do!  But with a possible move on the horizon and the holiday season approaching, I am working diligently to reduce the stash.  One of the things I always do, good or bad, is shop after the holidays for buys on materials that I will use for the next year's season.  Last year I bought several packages of shower gel with pretty holiday labels.  Not sure what to do with them......hmmmmm.  I also had a bunch of these litte sleighs, some hand painted, some bought on sale.  So, drum roll please.......

These would make the perfect Secret Santa gifts, teacher presents, bunco door prizes.  All I did was fill the base of the sleigh with excelsior (I had some green, but you can use any color) put in the gel and some holiday floral.  Tie with a bow.  I added some aged tags that I stamped with holiday sayings.  I added raffia to the more "country" bow.  Let your imagination go wild!

You can find these sleighs at the craft store unpainted or buy the wicker ones at Target or maybe the dollar store.  You could make the same kind of gift packs with stockings or even santa hats.

A side note to anonymous who asked about the pattern.  Check my side bar for blogs that I follow.  Many have free patterns.  The Olde Country Cupboard has many. 
Today I am off to finish a few bobbleheads and pillows.  See ya soon!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday morning and off and running...

I know, I know....every week I have great intentions on blogging every day, sharing my new and wonderful ideas, taking lots of photos, etc., etc.  I also have those same good intentions about getting on the treadmill, writing notes to my friends, and waxing the floor.  But then there's that little four letter word that keeps getting in the way!  LIFE!!!

But I have been working on a few new projects.  Since this has become the year of the bobblehead for me, this is my newest take:
This little guy has his stovepipe on and is dusted with the tiniest sparkly glitter.  I have five more of these hatted dudes in different stages of completion.
I also had some reddish print that I thought would be perfect for prim stockings.  I made these up from a free pattern off the web and stained a small wooden peg.  These would be perfect for the house without a fireplace!
And finally, if you know me, you know how much I love my little Westies, Angel and Sugar.  So in honor of them, I designed my little Westie ornies.

Now, if you want to make ornies likes these, they are oh, so easy!  First make your pattern,  You can freehand, if you can draw, or if you are like me, you can find a pattern free on the net or find somewhere around your house to get one.....I know, I know, you are saying, "This lady's is crazy.  I don't have anything like this laying around my house....."(I hope you said lady)  But au contraire mon cheri, you do.  The best simple shapes come from things we see every day.  My favorite is cookie cutters.  Look for shapes that you recognize immediately:  stars, reindeer, angels, stockings, or trees.  And other great place to look is in a child's coloring book.  You probably won't find what you are looking for in a Power Rangers or Barbie book, but most books have simple shapes that a child can recognize and are easy to color. 

So pick out your shape and trace it onto the fabric of your choice.  I chose this off-white felt, but you can acutally choose any sturdy, not stretchy fabric.  Cut it out.  Add your trims at this point.  On these I added the ribbon, hanger and a button eye.  You can sew them on but I just pinned on the ribbon and sewed on the eye by hand. 

Place your trimmed piece on two uncut pieces of felt.  This will make your ornie sturdy enough to hang without losing its shape.  Then sew along the piece that you cut out, going through all three thicknesses.  When you have completed the stitching, simply go back and trim.  Be sure you bend the hanger back so you don't cut through it.  You also want to make sure that you trim away any trace lines. 

So there you have it!  Some suggestions might be Christmas trees cut from green felt with buttons, rick rack, ribbon, sequins, etc. hand sewn on as trim, or maybe a Santa hat with a pom pom sewn on top.  You might do a cat or a football, a pair of ballet shoes or a musical instrument.  The ideas are endless!  You can make this a family project and let the kids add the trims.  You can sell these at your holiday craft fairs.  Have fun with it!

Stay tuned for more ideas.....I'll post just as soon as I get off the treadmill!