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Friday, September 14, 2012

Freaky Friday

I guess today hasn't been really too freaky but it has been frantic.  I had a meeting this morning at 9:30 and it was an hour away.  After that I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, stopped for lunch, went to the bank and then spent my wad at the grocery store.  I love this day of the week, but it seems I run out of time and steam.  Know what I mean???

Well, anyway, tomorrow is my son's girlfriend's 40th birthday.  It is always hard for me to find something special for her.  This year was no different.  So I decided to make something....surprise, surprise...

I got 40 one dollar bills at the bank and a box of facial tissue at the grocery store and a roll of tape.  I used my computer to print off:  Happy 40th Birthday Kim!  Don't be sad...Dry those happy tears here.
I cut the papers the width of the bills and taped them all together.

Then I started adding dollar bills, all forty of them, end to end.

You know, forty one dollar bills are alot....
Then I removed the tissue and folded the bills and paper accordian style and stuffed it into the box.  I added a couple of tissues back just for effect.  What do you think??  You could use larger denomination bills if you want, but how fun is that??  Hope she likes it!

This would be a great shower gift, a clever way to gift money at Christmas, a special anniversary gift, or how about gifting cash at a retirement party?  Use your imagination!  If you want to be thriftier, tape IOU's for free baby sitting, a foot rub, dog walking, etc. together end to end and let the recipeint take them apart to cash them in.  Could be great for Mom's Day!
Have a great weekend my bloggie friends!!!!

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