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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tips for Tuesday

Wow!  I had a really busy Monday, digging up taters from my garden, and working on more crafts.  Now if you are a crafter, sewer, needleworker, painter, etc., etc., you probably have a "stash."  I sure do!  But with a possible move on the horizon and the holiday season approaching, I am working diligently to reduce the stash.  One of the things I always do, good or bad, is shop after the holidays for buys on materials that I will use for the next year's season.  Last year I bought several packages of shower gel with pretty holiday labels.  Not sure what to do with them......hmmmmm.  I also had a bunch of these litte sleighs, some hand painted, some bought on sale.  So, drum roll please.......

These would make the perfect Secret Santa gifts, teacher presents, bunco door prizes.  All I did was fill the base of the sleigh with excelsior (I had some green, but you can use any color) put in the gel and some holiday floral.  Tie with a bow.  I added some aged tags that I stamped with holiday sayings.  I added raffia to the more "country" bow.  Let your imagination go wild!

You can find these sleighs at the craft store unpainted or buy the wicker ones at Target or maybe the dollar store.  You could make the same kind of gift packs with stockings or even santa hats.

A side note to anonymous who asked about the pattern.  Check my side bar for blogs that I follow.  Many have free patterns.  The Olde Country Cupboard has many. 
Today I am off to finish a few bobbleheads and pillows.  See ya soon!

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