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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thinking about Spring

So, I am starting to think Spring about now, you know, the time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  But I still have to play clean up on a few things that I have going having this hideous green sparkly fleece that I picked up...who knows where??  Well, my trees sold out last season, so I turned the fabric inside out and made up the whole kit and kaboodle.
I also have been stitching up some pillows.  These have been a great seller for me for years, and this year, I sold quite alot of them because I did so many new shows.  These are good to work on when you are wanting to keep your hands out of the bag of chips and you are sitting on your buns watching television. 

I am starting on a few new items.  Think bunnies and bed springs.  I hope to have something to post in a day or two.  And more bears and raggedies.  I sold out of raggedies last year so I am hoping that they will be great sellers for spring shows.  I have one lined up in March....two days....more details to come....

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