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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Springtime Snow

Here it is April and we are being buried in snow.....
Its one of those heavy wet snows, too.  Good day to stay in and work in the studio.....well, any day is a good day for that.
I did make up a few snow gauges.

Can you tell what they are made from?  Paint sticks!  I have had these for fact, I have a whole case of them.  All I did was paint them, I added some wood banner cut outs that I had on hand for the brims, glued on some greenery and drew on faces and measurements.  I thought it was cute to add things like "dusting", "call in sick", "just getting started" at intervals.  These were fast and cheap, and I think they will sell at my fall shows.  These are done on the large sticks, but you could do them on the smaller ones as well.
Well, off to do some damage in that studio.  A hot cup of coffee, a pair of sweats, and some fluffy slippers are all that I need!

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