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Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 1....Monday's big adventure.

Well, today was primarily a travel day for us.  We left our homes a little before 6AM and picked up our minivan in Denver.  The car is actually quite comfortable.  We drove back roads since Sue really wanted to take the scenic route.  Actually we saw alot of corn fields, cows, and semi trucks.  We were happy starting out!
Today we drove around 700 miles, going through Colorado, Kansas and ending up in Oklahoma.

In Dodge City, Kansas, we toured the Boot Hill Museum.  Not highly recommended since it was like every other touristy western town. 

Tonight we are staying in Oklahoma City but didn't get here and checked in until after midnight.  Tomorrow we are heading toward Memphis.  Hopefully we will get some rest and be ready to go visit Graceland!

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