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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 4....The Sale Begins.....and So Does the Rain.....

We were really excited to get started on our first day of the sale.  How much fun we had!  It is absolutely craziness.  Hundreds or maybe thousands of people crowding together to get the best bargain!
 Roads are lined with vendors, food carts, tents and tables.....and the traffic.....
 Parking is sometimes difficult at best and requires patience but you can usually park once and do a bit of walking.  We had a great time......until about noon or one o'clock.  Then the rain came.  Since we hadn't eaten, we drove to find a restaurant......and drove......and drove.  We were so hungry.  We were even tempted to stop at the Cafe that listed Hardware and Worms as other offerings.  lol

I only spent $23 today, but here is what I got:

Three graters, three sifters, rusty ice skates, Christmas bulbs, artificial snow, an old coffee pot and two cute little wooden cats......I can't wait to show you what I am going to do with all this!!!!

 We got to the room early tonight in availability has been a bit of an issue right on the route.  But we have a comfortable clean room so we can get to sleep early and get an early start tomorrow......hopefully it will be a dry, but cool day.

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