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Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 5, Friday, a Full Shopping Day

What a glorious day!  The weather today was just perfect for an outdoor day of shopping.  I decided that we should look the part of the yard sale shoppers, so I made us matching shirts.  This is sister Sue in hers.  Mine is identical, with less boobage.
 I loved this old washing machine......But not enough room in the van......
 Plenty of good Southern cooking.  This was Sue's lunch, and was less than $6!
 Hubs would like this old boat motor....
I liked all the signage, too.  And there was a ton of it.

 Pretty much, something for everyone........
 Even guns for $1875!
I guess you are going to have to wait to see all my treasures because today there were enough that it was too much to carry it into the room.  Here is a short recap:
1 pair of baby shoes,
2 rolling pins,
3 rusty graters,
4 suitcases
And a partridge in a pear tree...........

Also a display rack, a couple of phones, some buttons and an old quilt......I will post pics when we unload the van.
We have driven somewhere around 1800 miles and have only gotten as far as Crossville, Tennessee. We are tired and ready for bed.  Hope to have as great a day tomorrow.....but the weather is calling for 90's and high humidity.  Stay tuned!

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