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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day3-My day with Elvis

After the night at a so-so hotel, we headed out to Graceland.
I'm not an uber Elvis fan, but Sister Sue is a fan and Graceland is a Memphis must see.  We purchased the premier package so for the two of us, it ran about $85....we had coupons and I got a senior rate.  Is it worth it?  If you are a fan, of course.  If you like his music, sure.  If you have heard of him, maybe.  If you cannot walk, do stairs, or like confined places, not really.

I enjoyed myself, especially touring Elvis' airplane, the Lisa Marie.  This is the best example I know of to represent 1970's opulence.  The plane has gold plated seat belts, a large dining room table, and for the king, a king sized bed.  The bathrooms sinks are embedded with gold and Elvis's flying bedroom was decorated in, what else?, blue suede.  

I was very fascinated and impressed with the floor to ceiling awards and gold and platinum records.

There is a ton of clothing and archival displays, but I won't bore you with all the pics.

After we were done with Graceland, and it is a good 3 + hours of self-guided, ipod narrated info, we grabbed a bite and headed toward our next destination: Gadsden, Alabama.  
So, we are here!!!!  Ready to start tomorrow!  Pray for good weather and great bargains!

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