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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hello December!

Thanks, Carolyn, for commenting on my last know the one I posted way back on November 4!  It woke me up.....where have I been????

Well let me tell you, after the Conifer show, I did a five day show for Grandmother's House at Tagawa Gardens.  I drove to Cheyenne to pick up my unsold merchandise from the Christmas in the Country show.  Then I drove to Loveland and did a two day show at the Budweiser event center for Applewood Arts!  Whew!  I was so exhausted.  That was the weekend before Thanksgiving.  My 5 year old granddaughter, Addyson, spent Sunday through Friday with me.  I sure wish that I had that kind of energy!  We did shopping, saw the Trolls movie and cooked for twelve people on Thanksgiving.

 My daughter and I did a bit of black Friday shopping and then we drove to Fairplay for a tree permit.  We took our two dogs and Heidi and her husband Patrick and three kids and dog joined us.  It is a tradition to go into the forest and find the perfect tree.  This year our tree is a bit sparse, but the fun of taking the kids is something we all will remember.  I spent the next week putting up the tree and other decorations, taking the dogs to the vet for their checkups, and doing some shopping.

I love decorating my Hoosier each year.  It is my favorite piece of furniture.  Since I collect Santas, I fill it to the brim.  Our house is small so I try not to go overboard, but it is difficult.  

I have been holed up in the house all week so tomorrow, I am off to do some more shopping and run some errands.  On Saturday, we are driving to Cheyenne for my granddaughter Brooklynne's 11th birthday.  Next week is another busy one.  The cat is scheduled for his checkup on Monday, I am meeting a friend for lunch on Tuesday, I am taking my grandson shopping on Wednesday.  My brother and his wife will be here next week, but will be staying with my sister.  I am sure I will see them at some point.

Saturday marks the seventh anniversary of the day my daughter Brandi passed to Heaven.  I miss her every day.  We were in a sense soul mates.  I try not to write sad things here, but I just want to remind all of you to hold your loved ones close and give thanks for the precious time you have with them.  Brandi was a bright light, a loving, caring soul, and I feel her presence around me at all times.  I am so thankful for the time we had together and that I was able to let her know how special she is.  Tell those you love how you feel and how special they are.  

So I will try to post again in the next couple of weeks but if I slack off, I want to wish each one of my followers, those who subscribe through emails, and those of you who just happen to stop by, a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors

This week, I am doing the Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors Holiday Bazaar at Conifer High School.  This is the first show that I did 19 years ago.  It is my best ever one day sales and I have developed a following there.  The week has been busy with errands, doctor's appt, and making and packing for my show.  My grand, Skylar, is helping me.  She is a junior there and president of the National Honor Society which is volunteering to help this year.  I am very excited to see old friends and make new ones!

A couple of things that I have been working on this week are centerpieces.  They have sold like crazy.  And they are so much fun to make out of repurposed items.  Now, I warn you that these pics aren't very good because I actually packed them away for the show before I remembered to photograph them.  So these were taken in the van!

Another thing that I finished up was a Raggedy Andy that was special ordered.  This very sweet lady bought one of my Annies for her newborn granddaughter and wanted an Andy for her grandson.

So set up is tonight and the show is tomorrow.  If you want a nice drive, come on up the hill and see me.  Can't make it?  I will be at Grandmother's House Boutique at Tagawa Gardens, Parker and Arapahoe Roads Tuesday thru Saturday next week.  Get that holiday shopping started!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another show on the horizon!

Hello, my peeps!  Hope you are having a great week.  It has been unseasonably warm here in the Rockies....but I am NOT complaining.  I am in no hurry for our perpetual winter to begin.  Especially when I am so busy right now.

I am nearly loaded and ready to go for my next show, Applewood Arts in Westminster at Standley Lake High School.  This is my first year for this particular location but I attended two of the Applewood shows last year and loved them.  What a selection!  So if you are here locally, come by and get a jump on your holiday shopping.
They have a couple of other shows coming up as well and I will be at the Loveland show.  I have some new holiday decor items, treats, a variety of stocking stuffers and ornaments.  I'd love to see you!

Last Saturday, hubs and I went to Cheyenne for my five year old grand's birthday.  Addyson is quite the princess!  I loved seeing the joy on her face!
Monday, my sister rode with me to go back to Cheyenne to take inventory to a show.  I have been doing Christmas in the Country for about five years now.  It is amazing.  If you have the opportunity, take a drive out to see Betty.  Here is their facebook page:

Betty and her husband move out of their two story log home and into their basement for the show's duration to allow shoppers to find treasures in every room.  The show begins November 3 and lasts until the 13th.  There is an old school house on the corner that has recently been remodeled.  Lunch is served there and sale merchandise is also found inside.  Make a day of it!

Tuesday, my little Westies went to the groomer and I had breakfast with my grandson, Quest.  They are white dogs again!
So, my pals, I am off to get some laundry done, catch up on some emails, and pay some bills......nah....I think I'll go to the studio.  lol

Friday, October 21, 2016

Vintage Market Success!

So last weekend, I did my first ever Vintage Market.  What a blast we had!  We, being my grand Skylar and I.  Skylar had no school on Friday, so she spent the night on Thursday and we got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed out to Pueblo.  Pueblo is about two and a half hours from here, but it ended up taking us around three hours to get there.  So we arrived about ten or so and had such an easy set up.  They had extra help in carrying things in, so we were not too exhausted for the evening sale.  We left around two or three in the afternoon, got a hotel room, showered and headed back.  The pre-sale was from 5-8PM and  it reopened again at 9 the next morning.  I had a great booth area and sales were steady all day.

 There were a couple of old trucks used at the venue.....great vintage vibe!
Sales of repurposed items were strong.  So I have been busy this week working on more.  I made over a few of the graters.
The grater is a thrift store find.  I simply spray it with a brown primer.  Tie a bow around it (secure with a dab of hot glue) and tie on the candle.  These are waxed dipped candles from Darice.  I secure it with a wire and then tie fabric over the top.  

Also went to the thrift store this week.  Here are a couple of my vintage finds.  The washboard was only $5 and the broom was $3!  Always fun to find the special deals...

No shows this weekend.  My grand, Addyson is turning 5 and my daughter just bought a new house, so we are heading to Cheyenne on Saturday.  Sunday, I am loading the car with merchandise for Christmas in the Country, and delivering north of Cheyenne for that show.  Friday is set up for a two day show in Westminster at Standley Lake High School.  This is a great show, with arts and crafts, antiques and repurposed items.  There are over 100 vendors with unique items for your gift list.  Come see me!  I will be set up in the cafeteria.

Well, my friends, what is it they say?  I owe, I owe, so off to work I go......Well, into the studio, I go....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jeez, Louise....Its been a long time.....

What a few weeks I have had!  Sister Sue and I went on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt and what fun we had!  We left on Thursday, September 22 and came home late Saturday night.  Junk Jaunt is a loop that goes around central Nebraska, full of yard sales, craft shows, and flea markets.  We took Sue's small SUV and filled it to the brim.

 I bought 16 suitcases, lots of craft supplies, antiques, and items to repurpose.

We saw the these plunger drink holders....
We saw the cute, like these little pumpkins made from custard cups and screws.

 We saw the this sign on a liquor store
 We saw the pretty, like this old John Deere tractor turned into a planter....
 And we saw the "I want it but can't afford it".....
We no sooner got home, it seemed, that hubs had another medical procedure.  This time it was surgery for a deviated septum.  He has been such a good sport about all of this.

Then here came October,  I had a five day show for Grandmother's House at Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.  We set up on Monday the 3rd and it went through Saturday.  Phew!  Thankfully, my granddaughter, Skylar was there to help me on Saturday with the tear down.
She is also going to help me with my next show this weekend.  I will be setting up at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo for the Simply Vintage Market.  I am taking a few of my antiques, some of my repurposed items and some of my more rustic or primitive craft items.  A few of my new items that I will be bringing are shown below.  

So, if you are wanting something fun to do this weekend, come visit us in Pueblo.  There will be a preshow on Friday from 5-8 and we will be there on Saturday from 9 to 5.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whaaaat's Up Wednesday???

Leaving tomorrow for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  We are only going to be gone for three days, so I might not post until we get back.  But I wanted to show you my great thrifting buys before I go!

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment at 1PM and hubs had one at 4PM, so I told him I would go along.  So guess what my doctor said?  "Your appointment was yesterday!"  Oh no.....another senior moment.  So what's a girl to do with three hours to kill?  Since my doc was over 60 miles from home, I did what every red-blooded shopaholic would do....I shopped.  Now I know that I am going thrifting out of state tomorrow, but I gave in and drove to the thrift store.  And what a great day I had!  It must have been craft surplus day, 'cause just look at my finds:

This bag was full of Americana items: flags, hearts, raggedies, firecrackers.  All new for $2!
 I got two three yard pieces of new burlap, each for $1.95......Six yards for less than four dollars!
 This bag was full of little flocked reindeer with santa hats on.  Only $1.95.
 Five little brooms for .95.  I will probably use them with my witch dolls.
 Wooden snowmen ornies to finish.  All for $2....what a bargain!

 I bought this bag of assorted unfinished wood for the rolling pins.  I will make ornaments from them.
What to do with the rest..........

My show last weekend was a success.  Some of my big sellers were the printables and of course the scrubby pumpkins'
I sold out of my little dish cloths.....gonna have to make some more:

I have a couple of weeks before my next show so I have some time to get a few things finished after I get back from Nebraska!  Can't wait to share my finds with you!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Halloween Printable

I know that it has been a while since I posted, but I really have been busy.  Tonight I am setting up for my first show of the season.
It starts tomorrow....hope to see you there!
I've also been working on a few items.  I usually always have some small candy treats that I sell.  My pumpkin poop is made of candy corn.  I also have Bugs and Kisses, simply Hershey's kisses and plastic Halloween critters in a bag with a cute tag on it.  This year I am adding Witch's Warts.  These are chocolate chips in a tiny bag.  I got the idea from Pinterest but I designed my own tag and even wrote a catchy little rhyme.  If you want to do these, simply download this printable.
I printed four images per page and cut them 3.5 inches by 5 inches and fold in half.  Staple them to a 
3x4 bag that has a small handful of chocolate chips in it.  

I also made 
This is a simple candle ring.  A wire circle is tied with strips of fabric and placed around a lighted electric candle.  What a cool centerpiece!

These are some little dish cloths that are embroidered with little snowmen.  I simply added the free printable that I, again, found on pinterest.  If you are new to Pinterest, check it out.  Follow me for some of my "found" ideas.

Well, my friends, I am off to set up.  Next week, my sis and I are going on our latest adventure.  We are going to Nebraska's Junk Jaunt.  Stay tuned for updates on our trip and my fall show schedule!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial

This isn't much of a tutorial, and you could probably figure this out for yourself.....but here we go.....
I found these little mini mason jars at the dollar store.  I found them at Dollar Tree and they come two in a package and are usually where the salt and pepper shakers are displayed.  Not all of the stores handle them, so when I find them, I buy alot.  Of course, I don't have any of the jars that are still in the package.....hence, the not so great tutorial.  So when my granddaughter, Brooklynne was here last week, she helped me make some ornaments out of these little jars.

So here is what you do:  Take off the lids.  I drilled a small hole right in the center....the smallest drill bit that I have....while Brooklynne filled the jars with artificial snow.  Using either ribbon or bakers twine, thread through the hole, knotting on the underside and then again on the top.  Brooklynne stamped the circular tags and I threaded them with twine.  I used the hot glue gun to glue on some Christmas greenery and berries and attached the tags.  I sold out of these last year, so if you do shows or just need really cute gifts.....

I also found these little shabby chic baskets at the thrift store.  There were three of them in a bag for $3.95.  And they still had the tags on them!  I worked on one of them and I think that it turned out really cute!
It has a little chalkboard on it and a hook.  I think these would be great in a bathroom or entryway.

I also have been rusting away on some bed springs.  I sell a few of these in my etsy shop, but I have so many!  I have tried to sell some at my shows, but there are a couple of problems: 1.  They get rust all over everything.  and 2.  They get tangled up.  So, I designed a topper and found some cello bags that were big enough and came up with this:

Hubs did well with his angiogram.  He is now being scheduled for surgery for his deviated septum.
 I only got a couple of days to spend with Brooklynne, my 10 year old granddaughter.  She helped me with crafts and we spend a day doing grown up things:  shopping, eating lunch and going to the movies.  She loved the plush recliners at the theater and posing in the "Troll"

I also have been staining the deck, harvesting from the garden, and trying to keep up with the household chores.  How did I manage all this when I worked full time????

Have a great week, my friends.  Soak up the summer while you can!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What 'Cha Workin' on Wednesday???

Sometimes I just wonder where the time really does go, don't you?  Seems like the older I get, the faster the clock moves. My weeks seem to be busier than ever and I often wonder how I managed when I was still working full time.  On Friday, I spent a delightful day with my granddaughter, Skylar.  Skylar is a delightful young woman, 16 years old, smart, beautiful, and a joy to be with.  We spent the day shopping.  It was so much fun!  Of course, we went to the thrift store.  I found quite a few bargains.  One of my favorite finds was a bag full of theses sleds for $3!
On Saturday, my sis and I went to the Paris Street Market.  It is held once a month in a shopping center parking lot at an upscale center.  There were many vintage goodies but not at my usual thrift store prices.  

I also have been working on some of my oldies, but goodies.  Ornie wreaths and crescent Santas.  In fact they are still sitting on the bed in the guestroom, waiting to be packed away.

 I have been making these Santas for probably 15 years, and I always sell out.  They still have some hand work to be finished up before I put them away.

My favorite colors are not pink and purple but everytime I find some ornaments in these shades, I snatch them up because I always sell out of these wreaths.  I found these ornaments at the thrift store.  If you don't know how to make this, see my tutorial here.
 I bought a large package of post it notes (this time of year they are on sale) and put together these cute little pad and cover sets.  The graphics are from Sunflower Friends.  She has a bunch of cute stuff for great prices!
And finally, I finished up a few pillows.  I have been making these for a number of years as well.

I always place my pillows out front of my booth so that people read them and smile and want to come in and look around.  I love doing them but they are hand embroidered and take a bit of time.  But they are a great way to use up some of the scraps that I have laying around!

Well, I am off with hubs again today for a pre-op appointment.  He is having an angiogram done on Friday to check for arterial blockage.  He is being scheduled for surgery for a deviated septum later on this month but needs clearance from his cardiologist first.

Have a great week, my friends!