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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Snowy weekend.....

Yep, I know it is Spring but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.  Here in the Rockies, we got around three feet of the fluffy white stuff and though it is beautiful, it sure doesn't seem very Spring-like.  Maybe Ma Nature is having a midlife crisis??

But when you cannot go outside, stay in, my friends, and craft away.  I finished up a couple of suitcases:

 I've been working on these for a while.  These were both brown, not too Christmas-like.  So the first step is cleaning the inside and painting the outside.  I have to do this in a few days since I paint the bottoms, tops and sides.  Then I use a white chalk marker and draw on the design and wording.  Then over the next couple of days, I do the actual painting, shading, and embellishing.  Finally, I take them outside and splatter them, add a little bit of Glitter Blast and when dry, spray a final coat of clear acrylic.  When they are all dry, I cover the handles with homespun and add a bow and greenery.

I bought these little metal trees at the thrift store a few weeks ago and didn't quite know what I was going to do with them.  They had wire strung through them with pearls, but they were kind of dull looking.....what to do.....what to do.....

 I have an entire drawer full of lace, so even though this is not really my style, I glammed them up by first removing the pearls and wire, then gluing on lace.  Yards and yards of lace.  I added a few of the pearls and some gold stars for sparkle.
Well, my friends, its off to clean a bit and then work on some snowmen.  Have a great week!

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